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The so-called rubber flow is a disease that often causes a tree to die. But it does not have to come that far. You can handle the rubber flow.

Often only a radical pruning helps

When a tree suffers from the so-called rubber flow, it manifests itself in a light brown, soft mass that forms lumpy on the bark. The rubber flow occurs on the bark, ie on the trunk, as well as on the branches. But not only the trees themselves, but also the fruits can be infected by this disease. Mostly stone fruit trees are infested. Especially cherry trees.

Causes of rubber flow

Rubber flux usually arises for the following two reasons: Firstly, it can be responsible for pests and fungi, but also wounds that have not healed properly. But even extreme cold and heat, waterlogging and a too radical pruning can trigger the so-called rubber flow.

Anyone who does not act in time on an infestation must expect the harvest to be less productive. In particularly severe cases, the fruit trees can even completely die off.

Prevent rubber flow successfully

If you do not treat the rubber flow in time, it can cause lasting damage to the tree and even lead to the death of large parts. For this reason, you should regularly inspect all your fruit trees and take preventative measures. These include the following measures:

❖ Wound care:

Always make sure that you care for even the smallest wounds on the tree properly and treat it with wound closure. It serves as a kind of plaster and favors the healing of wounds on the tree. Such a wound closure agent can be obtained e.g. at Amazon.

❖ select the right floor:

To ensure that it does not even come into existence, make sure that you do not plant fruit trees on sandy and damp soil. These favor the formation of rubber flow.

❖ Lime trees:

In addition, it is advisable to lime semi-and high stems in the fall, so as to protect them from cold damage such. To protect cracks in the bark. How to do it right, you will learn here.

❖ Prevent pests early:

Combat pests such as the bark winder and bark beetle as well as diseases such as ruffling and shotgun disease as early as possible. They favor the formation of rubber flux. Always attach glue rings to prevent pest infestation.

❖ Cut:

With the right cut, you can also prevent rubber flow. Always remove too tight and acute-angled branches.

Combat rubber flow effectively

If the rubber flow has spread on a fruit tree, it is best to fight it in late February to early March. Remove affected areas with a very sharp, disinfected knife. Then close the wound with tree wax.

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