Flower bulbs for window boxes

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Do not design the window boxes exclusively with flower bulbs, but combine them with evergreen grasses or dwarf shrubs such as white-colored Japanese sedge (Carex morrowii 'Variegata'), ivy or evergreen (Vinca minor).
Put the onions in boxes and pots according to the so-called lasagna method: Large flower bulbs come all the way down into the vessel, smaller ones in the middle and the smallest ones upwards. Thus, the limited root space can be used ideally and all bulb flowers are in the ideal planting depth.

Fill drainage

Tulip bulbs in particular are sensitive to moisture and easily suffer from decay in the event of poor water drainage or wet conditions. Therefore, before planting, check that the extraction holes of the boxes are open, and fill in a layer of gravel or expanded clay as drainage below. The potting soil is best mixed to about a third of coarse Bausand.

Plant large flower bulbs

Flower box pink basket

A colorful flower box for a colorful splendor on flower bulbs

Fill in a thin layer of potting soil above the drainage layer and lay out the large tulip bulbs. Now fill the container with potting soil about two fingers below the upper edge and insert the accompanying plants such as ivy and pansies.

Complete small flower bulbs

Finally, the small crocus bulbs are inserted between the plants in the ground. Press everything well and water. The balcony box is placed close to a protected house wall, where it is protected from icy winds and heavy frosts. Make sure that the soil always remains slightly moist, but is not exposed to continuous rain.

Video Board: Plant a Winter and Spring Window Box.

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