Flower bulbs: plant spring in autumn

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Packed in bags and in abundant quantities they are now back in the garden centers. The flower bulb season is in full swing in September and October. A temptation that should not be resisted. Too beautiful is the sight of the colorful spring messengers, which bring us year after year again with their spectacle to the amazement.

Figures with onion flowers

Tulip bed with different types of tulips in the garden

Tulips set colorful accents in spring between the still green Phlox perennials

A wide variety of colors and flower shapes can be used in many different ways: as an underplant of summer green shrubs and trees, in the rock garden, in a flower pot or to grow wild in the lawn or in the natural garden. Flower bulbs are particularly welcome in the perennial border, where they distract from the bleak gaps at the start of the season and provide color. The fresh new outgrowth of the perennials gives early bloomers such as tulips, imperial crowns and ornamental onions a suitable setting.

Skillfully used onion flowers

Woman is planting onion flower

Before inserting the onions, consider how tall the flowers will become later

For the front, low blooms such as grape hyacinths, blue stars and Puschkinien, while in the background higher specimens such as prairie lilies (Camassia) and tulips are effective. A varied range of high and low bulb flowers has a charming effect, as well as a mixture of early varieties such as crocus and anemone with late flowering such as tulip and hare bells (Hyacinthoides).

Small onion, big effect

Bluemenbeet of tulips and daffodils in the garden

Larger groups of daffodils are real eye-catchers in the garden

Only in larger quantities (at least 5 pieces) grouped or combined in rhythmic intervals with other colors, tulips, daffodils and especially the little ones such as crocuses and blue stars unfold their full effect. With colorful foliage or foliage ornaments of similar color, the harmonic effect is enhanced. Pastel shades such as pale pink, light blue and lilac convince in partial shade, while strong colors such as violet, red and yellow shine in sunny locations. But also the strong and tender tones look attractive together. And in front of a garden wall or evergreen hedge the spring messengers stand out especially beautiful.

Design tip: Groundcover as a companion

So that spring flowers such as tulip, narcissus & Co. do not stand alone in the spring, they can provide suitable ground-covering companions. The lungwort (Pulmonaria) drives quite early in the year and successfully fills the gaps between tulips and daffodils with its white spotted foliage and the beautiful pink florets.

The White Periwinkle (Vinca minor 'Alba') flatters with its bright white flowers and the evergreen foliage small spring messengers such as grape hyacinths (Muscari). The Bergenie (Bergenia cordifolia 'Ouverture') sets great contrasts, with its evergreen, reddish-colored leaves, for example, bringing white tulips to light. The purple bell (Heuchera) fits well with its extraordinary leaf coloration to red tulip colors or yellow daffodils.

white tulips with berries

Tulips and purple bells in the garden

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