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Flower bulbs - Lucky clover - Oxalis tetraphylla

Onion plants prefer sunny and open locations. If you place the bulbs in shady places you will most likely only get plants with small and stunted flowers. Incidentally, this also applies to varieties such as the ray anemone or the blue oysters, which thrive in native deciduous forests. They bloom before the trees knock out and get enough sunlight through the bare branches in the spring.
Onion plants love water-permeable and nutrient-rich soil. Very solid soil should be loosened well before setting the onions, for example by digging it. If you have very loamy soil in your garden, drainage of sand in the planting pit prevents the onions from breaking down in the soil.

How do I plant flower bulbs?

To clear up with a widespread uncertainty: flower bulbs put them with the top, so the vegetation point, up in the planting pit. The pit is best lifted with a small planter. When digging out several pits, make sure that the distance between the onions is equal. Large onions need about eight centimeters of space, with small varieties a planting distance of two to five centimeters is sufficient. Do not set the onions flat, but form small groups, also called clumps or tuffs. That gives a better picture in the spring.
Flower bulbs are set at a depth that is approximately twice their height; in very loose ground it may also be three times the height. In this way, the plants find enough hold from below and are protected from the top against the winter frost at the same time.
Fill the pits with soil and press lightly. Moisturizing varieties should be watered immediately. To protect against vole and other rodents, you can put the onions in special plant baskets that reliably protect against predation. When planting baskets you should always create a sand drainage of about two centimeters thick in the planting pit.

Special planting methods

If you want to create a veil of tall tulips over a flowerbed, or if you want to add color to the bed, then the floor method is ideal. This special method of planting is also called stack or lasagna method because of its technique.
To do so, lift the entire area in which the flowers are to appear, at least at depth. On a sand drain, now lay the onions that are most eradicating, and cover them with a layer of soil. On this topcoat place the next layer of onions. These can be medium-sized plants that bloom a little earlier. Again cover this onion layer with soil and put early bloomers such as crocuses or snowdrops at the top.
With this method you create an eye-catcher with little effort from spring to autumn.

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Planting should then be done by simply scattering the flower bulbs under a wild shrub hedge and spreading a thin layer of soil over it. Furthermore, you should mix the soil with compost. Maybe a layer of bark mulch can cover the entire earth. It is then created a lifelike environment for these flowers and they can bloom again every spring.

Grape hyacinths - Muscari

Some flower bulbs can be planted throughout the year. A colorful garden requires perseverance and skill. For example, while daffodils and crocuses can hibernate outside in the soil and should have been planted by the end of October so that enough roots can form, other flower bulbs have to be dug up again in the fall and stored frost-free for winter storage. These flower bulbs include, for example, the dahlias and cannas, which you can advance in March in the house, so as to accelerate the flowering in the wild.
Flower bulbs need to be watered regularly, but they must not be allowed to remain in a liquid jam. To loosen up the earth and allow the water to run off, the soil should be sprinkled with sand.
There are also a few varieties of tulips that can be used for spring next year.
The flower bulbs of the tulips, for example, can now be bought at any nursery. When buying the tulip bulbs, you should be careful to buy beautiful large bulbs, because with the tulips is the motto, the bigger the onion, the more beautiful the later flowering.
To expel any voles or moles from your own garden paradise, you could just plant several Kaiserkronen between the colorful beds.
Flower bulbs are a simple and inexpensive way to create an impressive color in your home garden. Just put the onions in autumn and wait. You can not do much wrong, as long as you choose a sunny and bright location and put the bulbs with the vegetation point up.Special mouse baskets help against mouse bites; They prevent rot with drainage of sand in the planting pit.

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