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Tulips - Tulipa

The most natural are small and large groups in beds, in front of trees or in the lawn. This can be achieved by a courageous litter of a handful of onions. Where they fall down, they are planted. Who does not like it so wild, should form tuffs of about 25 onions. Especially grape hyacinths and daffodils are the best combination in such groups. Summer bulbs like the giant hyacinth, montbretia, cape gladiolus and tiger flower, which are best planted in April, are also becoming increasingly popular. The autumn bloomers, which are set in July, are unjustly neglected, such as the autumnal season, the golden crocus and the crocus that blooms in autumn.

For all onions: waterlogging is deadly. Therefore, the earth should be connected to e.g. a little sand is loosened so that the water can drain better. Nevertheless, the soil should always be watered well, as the onions dry easily. If the overlying soil is not green, it is covered with mulch so as not to let the soil dry out so easily. The leaves should remain on the bulbs after flowering until they can be easily removed, so that they can absorb enough nutrients for the next flowering. Therefore, they fit well between perennials that obscure the less attractive leaves when they drive out with their fresh foliage. As a rule of thumb for the planting depth is twice the amount of onions, in smaller as the grape hyacinths but 10cm.

Also for the balcony planting some smaller species such as crocuses, snowdrops, march breakers, blue oysters and winterlings are well suited. Similarly, small-flowered irises, dwarf daffodils and low tulips are recommended.

Learn more about flower bulbs like snowdrops, the imperial crowns, gladioli, dahlias and amaryllis.


Snowdrops are a wonderful plant for shrubs and shrubs because they love the penumbra. They like to share and quickly make up white flowering carpets. There are a number of other bulbous flowers that are attractive shadow artists and provide color under treetops in the first half of the year. So grape hyacinths, march breakers, elk crocuses and hyacinths in both the shade and in the sun are beautiful splashes of color that initiate the spring.

Crown Imperials

If you want to set accents in perennial beds, you can do so with the Kaiserkornen, who have the very positive side effect of driving away mice and moles as their roots give off a slight garlic-like odor. Or one reaches for one of the high varieties of the Zierlauches. The attractive globular flowers are in demand, as they bloom from late spring to midsummer. There are also many low-growing varieties of ornamental on the market, which come out with a height of 20-60cm height in group plantings quite large.

Gladioli and dahlias

Gladioli and dahlias are not hardy and must be taken out of the ground if the leaves are still a bit green. The easiest way to do this is to put them directly into a basket offered by a retailer when planting, so that they are completely removed from the soil in autumn. They should be kept cool and dry over the winter, cutting the leaves down to about 3 cm beforehand.


The amaryllis blooming in the room at Christmas deserves special attention. When everything is dreary outside, it produces wonderful flowers. A narrow pot with little soil reaches her, whereby the substrate should be filled only to about belly center of the onion. After a good one-time watering, the watering should be kept rather sparse, so that the flower formation does not fail in favor of many leaves.

When buying onions you always have to pay attention to healthy, firm and above all whole onions, so that later they also give pleasure. Broken onions should be thrown away as well as sick and lazy ones.

No matter which onions you prefer, whether small or large, whether in the apartment, on the balcony or in the garden, whether spring, summer, autumn or winter bloomers: they all make for a long time joy without much work.

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