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Anyone who decides to use a flower meadow as a lawn has made a good choice. Flower meadows bring a Mediterranean flair to their garden. You feel in your garden as on vacation. Flower meadows are also very easy to care for. You do not need to fertilize, barely pour and mow. But you have a beautiful spectacle of individual animals in your garden. Butterflies will fly around your flowers, as well as bees and crickets.
However, a flower meadow does not grow everywhere. The soil should be low in nutrients and calcareous. The flowers need plenty of light, that is the flower meadow should not be sown under trees. The flower meadow should be sowed in the months of April, May and June. For the growth, the meadow needs a temperature of about 25 degrees.
A flower meadow needs to flower completely much longer than a normal lawn. So that means you should be patient. It can take a few years for all types of flowers to develop. It is recommended to choose a good quality. There are cheap grass mixtures, which do not bring the desired effect. Decide on the rule seed mixture. When mixing, you can be sure that there are really flower seeds in it.
A flower meadow can be seen without problems by hand. Since the meadow should not grow so evenly.
The plant of a flower meadow on bare ground
If the flower meadow is to be newly created on a building plot, on which so far only bare soil is to be seen, because any old vegetation was removed with development of the property, is only a review of the soil. A prerequisite for the planting of a flower meadow is a lean soil, which is generally not present wherever you see beautiful dark earth. Often the soil, which is later to become a garden, is dug through with an excavator and freed from larger foreign bodies such as roots. Then you just need to get a few kilograms of the soil mixture examined by a gardening expert nearby, they will tell you how much sand and possibly other substances you need to mix in order to get a lean soil. If you take over the reclamation of the waste land yourself, you can mix in the sand itself.
The lawn becomes a flower meadow
If you find the uniform green of the lawn on your doorstep a bit boring for some time now and have finally decided to create a really beautiful colorful flower meadow, you will not necessarily enjoy the result in the same season. Not only because of the slow development of some flowers, but above all because of the preparation that a flower meadow needs under these conditions:
They should begin to grow potatoes or similar plants on the former lawn for a season, which will extract a lot of nutrients from the soil. These plants should not be fertilized, the leaner you can make the soil before the sowing of the flower meadow, the greater the biodiversity of the flower meadow will become in the course of its development. The simultaneous incorporation of sand can accelerate the emaciation of the area even more.
Sowing and care of the flower meadow

What can still be said about turf grass under the difficult conditions may remain, otherwise the area will be sown with a special seed mixture for flower meadows after this preparation. With this seed mixture you should not rely on the commercially available universal mixtures, no flower meadow mixture thrives in every soil. You should rather have the seed for the flower meadow compiled by a specialist who will ask you for the following information (and help you in case of doubt, to find out the values):

  • Nutrient density of the soil
  • PH value of the earth
  • Nature and moisture of the soil
  • Tanning of the area
This will give you a mix that contains only the plants that are right for your location. Sowing is very early in the spring, as many herbs are dependent on a cold stimulus to germinate (or in late autumn, then germinates the meadow in the next spring). In autumn, you can then put onions (crocuses, daffodils, snowdrops and other Frühblüher) in between.
The care of the flower meadow
A flower meadow can be mowed even more often during its formation, but gradually you should reduce mowing until you only have to cut once or twice a year. For the flowers and herbs should be able to develop to seed maturity and these seeds can spread on the meadow, a cut at the wrong time mows the inflorescences before.
Please do not be impatient if the monoculture-covered lawn does not change so quickly back into a beautiful, colorful meadow. In a functioning flower meadow, many complicated biological processes interlock, and it takes quite a few years for such equilibrium to set in. Then you will enjoy all the more this diverse piece of nature!

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