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Water sufficiently in the growth phase

What do you think of sowing a flower meadow deliberately to give the garden a different face, maybe one with rural charm?

Corn poppy, marguerite or cornflower should not be missed
For example, to create a flower meadow, prepare a bed that you have specially selected. Basically, it is advisable that you plan ways in the flower meadow. This not only looks nice, you can also cultivate the flower meadow much better. The flower mixtures are available at the hardware store or at the gardener. These mixtures are already finished and provided with the most common seeds. Corn poppy, marguerite or cornflower should not be missed. The floor is loosened and slightly raked. Thereafter, the sprigs of flowers are sprinkled and lightly seized. By the way, five to ten grams of seeds per square meter are enough.

Over time, some varieties disappear
During the growth phase, you should always water sufficiently. Gesenst will then end of July and autumn. Many of the flowers sow themselves again and again. You should therefore avoid mowing with the lawnmower. Over the years, weaker varieties gradually disappear, so biodiversity decreases. But that is not a problem, because you can seize the flower meadow at any time by buying the varieties that are missing on your flower meadow and you just would like.

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