Make flower wreath from willow branches yourself

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A homemade wreath with real flowers brings color joy into the house. He is also a beautiful decoration for many different occasions: marriage, baptism and of course Easter are at the top of the list. Homemade flower wreaths can be used in many different ways: be it as a table decoration or as a small welcome at the front door. Whether small or large, simple or eye-catching - with willow twigs you can design your decorative floral wreath to your own taste. Because hardly any other braiding material is more flexible. In addition, they are unbeatable in terms of length and breaking strength.

Versatile floral wreaths

Flower wreaths are versatile and can be decorated with magical flowers to match the season. In spring, daisies and gum root are especially good. In summer, many hobbyists like to star studs, cornflowers, daisies and girls eye. Star-colored umbels and anemones beautify the homemade wreaths in autumn. In winter, of course, the choices are smaller. Here, for example, the flowers of Christmas roses can be used.

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