Multiply flowering shrubs - That's how it's done

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We have them all in the garden and we love them hot and heartfelt - the bushes. If you want to multiply its flowering shrubs, you should do that now.

Multiply flowering shrubs
Among the flowering shrubs fall for example the Buddleja, also called butterfly shrub, the hazelnut or the gold bells. If you want to multiply these plants, then that's easy. To do this, you should cut healthy branches of the shrubs in the fall, which are about the thickness of a finger. You then have to cut these branches to a maximum of 30 centimeters. Over the winter, you must now lay these branches in a box in which there is damp sand. The storage temperature should not exceed 10 degrees. The branches also need no light during this time. The cellar is therefore probably best suited for the storage of the branches.

Plant branches
At the beginning of the spring, you must then put the cuttings in pots with potting soil. Make sure that at least half of the branches are covered with soil. You can also plant them directly in the bed. You always have to keep the soil moist. Only then do the cuttings get roots in the course of spring and even the first shoots. As you can see, it is not that difficult to multiply flowering shrubs.

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