Simply multiply flowering shrubs

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Simply multiply flowering shrubs: shrubs

Blütenrispe of the summer lilac (Buddleja davidii)

Simple flowering shrubs do not necessarily have to be bought at the nursery. If you have a little bit of time, you can multiply them easily with the help of a woodpile. The self-grown plants have usually reached the usual sales size (60 to 100 centimeters shoot length) after only two to three years.

Simply multiply flowering shrubs: flowering

Cut the plywood (above) and put it in loose garden soil (middle). In the spring the sticks form roots and new shoots (below)

Use as strong a one-year shoots as possible to cut out plywood and cut them into pieces of pencil-length. Each piece should end up and down with a bud or a pair of buds.
The fresh sticks are best stuck right after the cut in a somewhat sheltered, half-shady spot in the garden in loose, humus rich soil. A maximum of a quarter of the length should look out of the ground.
After plugging in, all you really need to do is be patient. In the spring with increasing soil warming the Steckhölzer form roots and new shoots. Tip: In order for the plants to become pretty bushy, you should prune the young shoots as soon as they are 20 centimeters long. They then drive out again in June and form at least three main drives in the first season.
Fast growing flowering shrubs such as forsythia, scented jasmine, summer lilac, spring sparrow shrubs, elderberry, common viburnum, Deutzie or Kolkwitzie are suitable for this propagation method.

But you can also try a cherry, a corkscrew hazelnut or an ornamental apple. The loss is of course much higher than the other shrub species, but one or the other plywood will form roots. In these more difficult species, promote rooting by covering the patches with foil from the beginning of March. It will not be removed until the new shoot is ten inches long.

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