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Everyone designs their garden the way they like it. And everyone will be creative on their balcony or terrace as well. Surrounding yourself with flowers and other plants is also a nice and relaxing thing. On balconies and terraces there are the possibilities a bit more limited than in the large garden, but still can do a lot to make you feel good. One possibility here is the planted flower basket.
Hanging pots in his environment means that they do not take away valuable space on the limited ground. And the variety of hanging baskets has no limits. You can buy them in any supermarket, in any specialist retailer or via the mail order and then customize them. These hanging flowerpots are available in all colors, so there is always a suitable one. You can also choose from different sizes and materials. Hanging baskets are made of weather-resistant plastic, wicker or wooden.
Of course you can also make your very own unique hampi by yourself. There are no limits to creativity and usable materials. You can use collected sticks, rods, straw or even coconuts, old flower pots that you decorate, linen, sisal bands, curtain rings or even rhinestones and pearls, with which you decorate the ropes on which the traffic light is hung. If the hoppers are ready or you have found your own one, then it goes to the planting.
A beautiful plant, which is ideal for planting flowers, is the ├╝Asteriscus maritimus├╝ Golden Dollar, a hanging plant with large yellow flowers. It blooms several times at different times, guaranteeing an eye-catcher at almost any time. The pot or the traffic light should be at least 10 centimeters in diameter for this plant, so that it can develop well. Getopft is in February to March. The plant should always be fertilized well, as its nutritional requirements are very high. The temperature must not fall below 18uC for the first 10 days after potting, after which the flower does not mind 12├╝C. As dehydration leads to yellow leaves, it should be watered regularly. The need for light is relatively high, so that a sunny place is optimal. Whoever cultivates and cares for this plant, gets as a reward radiant, large, yellow flowers.
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The Begonia ├╝ Orange Elserta├╝ is also well suited for the planting of traffic lights. She has a very beautiful, hanging habit and has strikingly large, orange flowers. Also for begonia, the pot should not be too small and have at least 10 centimeters in diameter. The begonia loves clayey soil and has a medium nutrient requirement, so you should not forget to fertilize it. In the growth phase, the plant needs about 20├╝C, later 17 / c. She needs a lot of light and therefore a sunny spot as well as enough water. However, one should note when watering that it does not come to waterlogging, which in turn would have a fatal impact.
Anyone who loves petunias, has definitely found the right flower for his traffic light, because many Petunienarten grow hanging and in bushes. The flowers are arranged distributed over the whole plant. Petunias are available in many colors, from white and yellow to pink, purple and apricot, to blue and pink. But also patterned and mixed colors occur in the petunia families. For example, there are purple-pink flowers, white with blue veining, yellow-green color mixtures and bright flowers with a dark throat. The petunias are thus a variety for everyone.
It looks especially nice when you plant colorful petunias in a traffic light. In three plants, the pot then needs but already a diameter of 25 centimeters. Special potting soil for petunias is available from specialist retailers, or you can use substrate with high volumes of air. Fertilizer also needs the petunia, however, it has its own claims, so you should use a special fertilizer for petunias. Of course, petunias also have to be watered regularly, but they do not like wet soil at all. And if you then give them plenty of sun, then you will have his bright pleasure in the plants.
No matter which plant you plant in the hanging baskets on your balcony or on your patio, with a little care you always have the right eye-catcher. And so you can make even narrow spaces look beautiful. Perfect is the whole thing then with a color matching hanging basket or decorated ropes to which it hangs. Have fun!
by Annett Biermann

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