Do not dig up flower bulbs

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Do not dig up spring flower bulbs

After a long winter, we are all looking forward to spring and the first spring messengers who finally ring in spring with tulips, daffodils and daffodils. Lucky, considering the Flower bulbs quickly buried in place in the ground in autumn.

Now everything can flourish and the garden can be transformed into a sea of ​​flowers. And then, when the flowers are withered, they are cut off, the onions are dug up and stored until autumn. And that's exactly what's wrong!

So that flower bulbs do not dry up
Because springDo not dig up flower bulbsThese should stay in the ground all year round. If they are dug up and stored then there is a risk that they will dry up or become infected with a fungus. However, if they remain in the ground, then during the time when they do not bloom (also called rest time), they can form daughter onions and regain their strength. So you have in the following years growing islands of flowers. And one more advantage is the whole: you can save the work, the onions and dig in.

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