Creating a flower column - That's how it works

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A flower column is an optimal way to skilfully highlight different plants. It does not matter if you want to put your column indoors or outdoors.

Flower columns are real eye-catchers

Different plants or flowers in an arrangement, that just looks great. For example, we know this from a colorful spring bouquet. With a flower column this sight gets a completely different dimension. If you want to create a flower column, you can use the various elements and so let your creativity run wild. Here are a few tips to make your dream of your own flower column come true.

Find the right place for the flower column

Even before you buy a flower column, you have to decide where you want to set it up and, above all, how big the column should be planted. This then results in the required size. A distinction can be made between offers for the apartment and the garden or even the terrace. For the flower column for outdoors please make sure that the material is weatherproof.

What comes in the flower column?

Decisive in the design of a flower column is the taste of the individual. In fact, all plants can find their place in such a column. It is advisable to plant high plants in the middle, and the smaller ones come to the edge. For example, a flowering green plant and climbing ivy make a wonderful combination.

Be sure to pay attention!
In the case of a flower column care must be taken that a regular repotting is necessary, because after a certain time the soil can no longer provide sufficient nutrients. In addition, it is necessary to fertilize at regular intervals (observe manufacturer's instructions).

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