Flowers for spontaneous: Plant container roses

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The advantages of container roses are obvious: on the one hand, you can even plant them in the middle of summer, and on the other, depending on the season, you can see the flower not only on the label, but in the original. In addition, you get an idea of ​​the growth habit of the variety when shopping. Already at the nursery, you can assemble the roses with other plants such as perennials and grasses and try out combinations. Also can be estimated with flowering container roses the correct planting distances better. Root-bare roses are often planted too close due to inexperience. Thanks to well rooted pot balling, container roses continue to grow easily after planting and already have a certain growth advantage over bare root products.

The right location

Roses like air and light. You should not compromise and do your container roses good by choosing a sunny, windy location. The following factors should be taken into account for the Soil factor: Specially flowering varieties need a great deal of nutrients and therefore prefer rich, sandy-loamy soils with a high proportion of humus. Sandy garden soil should be improved accordingly. It is also important that no soil compaction prevents the rose from growing its long roots deep down. Therefore, be sure to break up compaction to a depth of one meter before planting. And: Never plant roses under the crowns of large, tall trees. Dropping drops at these locations forces even the most robust ADR rose to its knees.

Step by step: plant container roses

Add accessories to roses

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Flowers for spontaneous: Plant container roses: plant

Flowers for spontaneous: Plant container roses: plant

Flowers for spontaneous: Plant container roses: container


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Plant container roses

Flowers for spontaneous: Plant container roses: flowers

The accessories for the Rosenpflanzung is manageable. The most important thing is a stable spade. Furthermore, a watering can, a water bucket, leather gloves and possibly auxiliaries for soil improvement are needed

Flowers for spontaneous: Plant container roses: plant

An immersion bath ensures that the root ball can thoroughly soak in water. Keep the pot in the bucket until no more air bubbles rise. In the meantime you can prepare the planting place

Flowers for spontaneous: Plant container roses: flowers

The planting hole should be about twice as big as the pot bale. Because roses are among the deep roots, loosening the sole addition to the spade. Especially on solid ground, this measure is important

Flowers for spontaneous: Plant container roses: flowers

When plodding carefully proceed to not damage the bale and thus the young fine roots. Unlike in our example, plants that have long been in the pot, usually a dense root system. This is cut open before setting to facilitate growth

Flowers for spontaneous: Plant container roses: flowers

Choose planting depth so that the top of the bale is approximately flush with the ground. Attention: With container roses, it may happen that the finishing point is above the pot bale! For this area is 5 inches below the ground, such plants lower

Flowers for spontaneous: Plant container roses: roses

After vigorously pressing the bale, form a pouring rim to facilitate the watering of the plant. Do without fertilizer because potted roses in the first year are usually still sufficiently supplied with nutrients. For poor soils it is worthwhile to add humus to the uppermost layer of the earth. For heavy soils, lava granules improve the air and water balance

Flowers for spontaneous: Plant container roses: roses

Thorough casting ensures that possible cavities in the earth close and the roots have good ground contact. Be sure to water only at the base and do not wet the foliage, because roses are very sensitive to leaf diseases

Add accessories to roses

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Recognize good quality

Pay attention to the purchase of a good plant quality. Only healthy, vigorous roses can make an optimal start. Container roses should have at least three to four strong shoots that emerge as directly as possible from the treatment plant. The more basic shoots, the better and more compact the later structure of the plant. A good container rose is in a pot with a minimum volume of two, better three liters and is characterized by a good rooting of the bale. Do not buy container roses that have not sufficiently rooted the pot. The bale must not disintegrate when you pull it out of the pot. You should also keep your hands off roses that show bruises on their shoots or on their leaves.

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