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The small front garden consists of a mini lawn, a hornbeam hedge and a narrow bed. In addition, a good hiding place for the garbage cans is missing. With our two design ideas arise in the uninviting front garden a sitting area or elegant rose beds.

Suggestion 1: Lauschiger seat in the sea of ​​flowers

In the protection of the existing hornbeam hedge shrubs now shine with yellow and red flowers to the bet. The new perennial bed nestles gently curved along the hedge to about the middle of the other long property side. According to the planting rules for discounts shine higher species such as sun bride and Montbretie in the background, in front of it girls eye, cranesbill and burning love for an exciting play of colors. Tuffs with white, scented poetic daffodils shine in the spring. As a picturesque gap fillers serves the high miscanthus.

Seat with perennial beds

The old hornbeam hedge is preserved. A new one will be planted to hide the garbage cans

On forged trellises - placed at various points in the bed - winds one year nasturtium up. Due to the new construction of the lawn, which now adjoins the path, the front garden looks optically larger. This creates space for a round pavement of reddish concrete blocks. Some garden centers or hardware stores offer such paving circles as a self-assembly kit. The red aluminum furniture invite you to linger. So that the view no longer falls from everywhere on the garbage cans, they are hidden behind a newly planted hornbeam hedge.

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