Combat flies and fruit flies biologically

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Combat flies and fruit flies biologically: biologically

If the flyswatter can no longer control the situation, many will pull the chemical club. However, such remedies are not only expensive and dangerous for humans and pets, they can also give rise to resistance in some insects and thus become ineffective.
Biologically controlling and preventing flies and fruit flies has several advantages. So the biological fly control is cost-effective, safe for the health and also for the environment gentler. With the right means and measures but effective.


As is often the case with flies and fruit flies: Prevention is better than cure. It is better than fighting the annoying insects, not to let them into the house. First of all, it is important to know your preferred food sources.
They are attracted by:
  • Food and drink residues
  • fruit and vegetables
  • rubbish
  • compost
  • used cat litter and other animal excrement

animal feed

In order not to attract the insects first of all, some factors should be taken into account, especially in the warm seasons.
  • observe the appropriate storage of the food
  • Keep fruits and vegetables better in the fridge
  • Food, drinks and leftovers should not be left outside
  • Dishes are best rinsed immediately after use, wiping contaminated surfaces
  • Wash out or tightly seal beverage bottles
  • do not leave any animal feed
  • Clean animal toilets and cages frequently
  • Remove garbage immediately outside the apartment
  • Wash out the trash can
  • Close trash bag tightly
  • If possible do not put trash cans close to the house
Nevertheless, it may be necessary to combat flies and fruit flies biologically. Although the measures mentioned reduce the risk of a plague but the pests can find despite everything in the apartment. Fruit flies are usually registered together with fruits and vegetables, houseflies can quite 'fly'. Even then, however, they can be stopped.

Free air

Flies and fruit flies like warmth and stale air, which smells like food and in their case also like garbage or dung. Another important preventive measure is the frequent and regular airing. However, open windows are also an invitation to the winged insects. When opening the windows is therefore again pay attention to some points.
So should be aired only when it is cool outside and the windows are in the shade. This not only prevents mold growth, flying is also less active at this time. Of course, this is not always possible, especially in summer. In addition, windows and balcony doors should therefore be provided with fly screens or curtains. In addition to flies, they also keep mosquitoes and moths away. Special versions also filter pollen from the air, so they are ideal for allergy sufferers.
Tip: Check the nets regularly for damages and holes and replace them if necessary, only then can they fulfill their task.


Flytrap diy

Somewhat more effective in houseflies is a mixture of abundant sweetener, but not stevia, and sugar water or fruit juice. The flies do not drown in it, but poison themselves by the liquid. Unfortunately, they still come a bit further and usually do not land directly in the trap, which in turn requires cleaning. Similarly, the classic fly agaric trap, by which the fly agaric got its name. For this purpose, a mushroom is cut into small pieces and covered with warm milk. After about a day, the milk is infiltrated with the poison of the fungus and ensures a quick end to the flies. However, there is a danger here that even pets could poison.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I make flypaper myself?
Yes. With blotting paper, syrup and pepper. The paper is coated with a mixture of pepper and syrup and then works like the commercial flypaper. The associated effort and the difficulty of attachment are worthwhile, however, hardly due to the small prices for finished flypaper.
  • Are flying problems only possible if it is not clean?
No. Especially in rural areas, there are simply more flies, because they have better chances here through animal husbandry. If the plague ghosts find themselves out in large numbers, they end up more often in the house. Thorough cleaning and the elimination of possible food sources helps but not to attract them additionally.

Worth knowing about fly traps soon

As soon as the temperatures rise, so does the chance that one inevitably encounters flies in the house and garden. They almost always interfere when food is involved. The only way to catch the flies is a combination of fly defense and fly trap - depending on where you want to use them.
  • Those who want to avoid flying in the house, should first set to fly defense by means of a fly screen.
  • For doors, a curtain is suitable e.g. made of bamboo. This does not have to be tight. It is sufficient, if the door is hung over a large area.
If flies get into the apartment, they can be fought with different fly traps:
  • The most famous fly trap consists of a combination of glue and a sweet mass that attracts flies by its smell. These fly traps are already available from about 2 Euro per 4 pieces and they are very effective especially in fruit flies.
  • In the trade, there are suns and stars that you can stick to the window. These motifs are wetted on the surface with a deadly substance, so that the flies die within a short time after touching the flytrap.
Note: However, whether this is fully recommended, especially if children are in the house, is to question! - A home remedy that is especially suitable for barbecues is flypaper. This flytrap can be made as follows: Take ground pepper and syrup; Add this to a mush and soak in this a blotter. This one lays a few meters from the terrace on the ground and can soon see how the flies are attracted to the biological fly trap.

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