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Flytrap - fighting flies effectively: bottle

But you can make fly traps yourself. Both possibilities work according to the same principle, the flies, meaning the vile housefly, attracted by attractants, fall into the trap or creep into it and can no longer escape it, they are literally trapped.

There are different fly traps

Anglers have developed very special fly traps, because they want to catch fish with the trapped flies, the flies serve as bait while fishing.
Flies from the trade are usually small containers that emit an attractant that the houseflies simply can not resist. There is a bag in this bin that can be replaced if necessary so that the flytrap would not work well due to overpopulation. Even the lure is available separately, so that you can dose the room to be clogged yourself with the fragrance.

Build fly trap yourself

Fly traps are even available for outdoors, they call themselves suitable outdoor fly traps. The target group for the fly traps, which have different volumes (up to 10 liters) is specially designed for residents of agricultural estates but also farmers or pet owners. The bags of such a fly trap only have to be changed every few weeks. And: they are compostable. This type of fly trap is just everywhere where you would only fail with a fly swatter.
The Flytrap to build yourself is quite simple in its construction. It takes two empty lemonade bottles with a volume of 1.5 liters, a small lidded box, which is covered with gauze or a light women's stocking. The tools required are 1 cutter knife, a 45mm circular saw, a hot glue gun, a metal hacksaw and a pair of scissors. The bottoms are sawn off and deburred to prevent injury. Then several holes in the lateral surface of the bottle are drilled with the circular saw.
These holes serve the flies for fresh air supply. The second bottle, here the neck is cut off (from the bottleneck 125 mm downwards) and also deburred. Insert the sawn-off bottle into the open bottom of the other bottle and center it with the aid of a rod. With the hot glue gun you glue the bottles together. The women's stocking is pulled over the bottle so that no fly can escape through the holes of the fresh air supply. The can is filled with food for the flies and placed in the bottom of the Sawn Bottle. It is ideal if the bottom of the bottle is painted dark, so the trapped flies try to escape towards the light and are trapped. Ultimately it is a bottle in the bottle trap with a can in the stomach.

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