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Folientunnel - the slightly different cold frame. It can be used flexibly, so it can be slipped over virtually any bed and causes the harvest to be advanced by some time. So, land improvement or even soil change as a necessity of crop rotation is not an issue here. In the Folientunnel, just like in the greenhouse, the greenhouse effect acts as a mousetrap for heat. The film tunnel consists, as the name implies, of film, which is stretched over a support frame, usually stretched in the arch.

From March onwards...

If it is not too cold, the first sowing can take place in the middle of March. Now it is only important to ventilate and irrigate and weed the weeds. On warm spring days is aired by only the narrow sides are opened more or less. In summer, the foil is pushed up to the sides for weeding, watering and airing. A sumptuous harvest of salad and early-morning vegetables is now in the way. In Folientunnel almost everything can be cultivated, one achieves however in general a Ernteverfrühung. It is important that you regularly take care of your tunnel.
In the trade there are Folietunnel in large selection to buy. You can also build the film tunnel yourself inexpensively.

Models and prices

Foliated tunnels offer the simplest and cheapest way to grow salads and vegetables early in the year. There are, however, many different models. The sizes are different. The minimum size should be 2 to 5 meters in length and 80 cm wide. The minimum height should be 50 cm. Of course, a walk-in plastic tunnel is more comfortable, but it takes space.

  • The cheapest foil tunnels you get for 20 euros. They have a size of 3.50 x 1.00 x 0.50 m and consist of four galvanized steel sheets and the foil. Included as accessories are 2 pegs for bracing the bows, two round bows for bracing the foil and 10 m tensioning cord.

  • For 30 euros, there is a zippered film tunnel, with which you can easily open the tunnel, whether for casting or airing. Also this is 50 cm high, but only 130 cm long and 60 cm wide, so suitable for the small garden. The special are two foils, one made of transparent PVC, which protects against wind and rain and one made of fleece, which serves as thermal insulation.

  • More expensive tunnels then have a few extras. For example, they are equipped with two zippers and can be opened completely. Most expensive tunnels are simply larger, walkable. But you need space for it. For most hobby gardeners such a small film tunnel is enough.

Where to buy foil tunnel?

Folientunnel gets in every building and garden market. Some gardeners also have them on offer. In any case you have a lot of choice on the internet. Here you will find many offers. Whether the manufacturer directly or through a middleman, you will find the right model in any case. Just enter "buy film tunnel" in the search engine and you're ready to go.
Build a film tunnel yourself?

Film tunnels are easy to build by yourself. All parts are quite cheap to have. Although the simple slides hold only one season, but they are not expensive and so you buy just for the next year new. The advantage of self-construction is that you can choose the size yourself and adapt it to any free space in the garden.

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