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Maibowle is a classic on many may fests. The punch also tastes delicious in other months. Above all, it is done quickly. You can get a simple recipe here.

Waldmeisterbowle recipe and instructions

What would be jello, effervescent powder or maibowle without woodruff? The green herb from the forest is inseparable from these pleasures. For centuries, people know about the good taste and health benefits of Waldmeister.

You can not only find the plants in the forest, also in many gardens is now Woodruff and some well-stocked supermarkets and weekly markets offer the leaves during the season from April to mid-June also.

If you want to enjoy your barbecue or a cozy summer evening with a Waldmeisterbowle, the aromatic refreshment can be done quickly and easily. And one thing is certain: It is not only in May, a delicious treat.

Waldmeisterbowle master recipe


For about 3 liters of Waldmeisterbowle you need:

  • 6-8 stems woodruff
  • 1 bottle of well-chilled sparkling wine
  • 2 bottles of well-chilled dry white wine
  • ½ bottle of ice-cold mineral water
  • Lemon slices at will


❶ Let the fresh woodruff lie about two days so that it will wither and its aroma will unfold.

❷ Now fill a bowling vessel with the white wine and put the withered woodruff leaves in it. The stems should hang over the edge of the bowl, otherwise they give off a bitter aroma. Let the mixture soak overnight.

❸ Just remove the leaves the next day and top up the white wine with champagne and some mineral water. If you want, you can add some lemon slices. But that's up to everyone.

Alcohol-free version
For a non-alcoholic version, replace the wine with cold apple juice and sparkling wine with mineral water.

Of course, nothing beats the freshness of the woodruff, but if you are in a hurry, you can also work with 0.5 liters of woodruff syrup.

You can also add lime slices and some food coloring for a nice green color.

Waldmeisterbowle is well chilled a delicious refreshment.

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