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The flower of forsythia is always in line with the previous year. Therefore, the shrub is cut every spring in the spring after flowering.

Blossoming gold bells branch

Tightly densely dotted with yellow flowers, bushy and spreading, so we know and love the forsythia, this richly flowering shrub is also known to many garden lovers as gold bells or gold lilacs. Unfortunately, many forsythia sadly take care of themselves and offer a rather bleak sight.
With a targeted pruning you remove non-flowering branches and give the plant new strength, so that next spring the yellow splendor can fully unfold.

Pruning after flowering

One thing is for sure: it is not at the site if the forsythia does not bloom or grows too weak. The shrub is consistently easy to clean and can handle most soil and sunlight.
However, a regular pruning is necessary so that the abundance of flowers can develop. However, it is sufficient for stand-alone forsythia when the hedge trimmer is scheduled every two to three years. The so-called Auslichtungs- or maintenance cut ensures that the middle of the shrub is not too dense and leucorrhea.
Long, overhanging shoots that grow far beyond the crown are also shortened.

Remove old shoots

The flowers sit directly on the wood and are created in the previous year. However, old shoots lose much of their flowering after about three to four years. Remove these branches.

  • The right time is right after flowering, as can be seen when the yellow petals wither and contract.
  • Strongly branched branches also remove.
  • Very old branches cut directly at the base. They avoid that the plant is overgrown. The young shoots get more power and form for the upcoming spring numerous flower approaches.

☛ Tip: If you carefully observe your forsythia during flowering and notice that some branches are not blooming, you can radically remove those branches. The forsythia tolerates a lot and next year will form new, lush shoots.

Cutting back forsythia to another season?

Did you miss the cut in the spring? Do not worry, the plants also take a pruning in early summer not bad. And in this case you even better recognize which young shoots have been newly formed.
Forsythia planted as a hedge is best cut back in May or June as well. For a dense growth and more flowering, it is important that the existing branches and the new branches are in the right proportion.

Even in autumn and winter you can still reach for the scissors: The season is ideal for the rejuvenation cut, in which you deliberately remove waste wood.

At a glance: Bringing forsythia to bloom

Heraus Cut out non-flowering branches
➫ Shorten old branches in the center of the bush every two to three years to the base
K Shorten long, overhanging young shoots
Schneiden Cut tightly branched branches
➫ Recommended cutting time: after flowering, but also possible at other seasons

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