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So many ideas, but so little space - the smaller the gardens are, the more plants and decoration can often be found on the few square meters. Understandable, but from a design point of view a faux pas, because a small-scale garden design makes the already limited space even narrower.

Challenge towel garden

Terraced gardens are usually not only small, but also long and narrow - a thankless combination, as many think. But especially the so-called "towel gardens" offer a great advantage in terms of design: they can be subdivided into rooms. And that in turn is ideal for those who want to realize different styles in their garden or even separate different areas of their garden.

Symmetry is trump

Garden design Baroque

MY suggestion number 1: Baroque design

The secret of small gardens, however, is to distract from the actual garden size. In a baroque-style garden, this is achieved through the symmetrical design and the clear lines: the rose stem in the book's rood directs the view from the terrace to the other end of the garden. The book surrounds reinforce this "tunnel view", the garden gains in depth. But the rose high stem has a second function: it obscures the view of the seat behind it with a bench and rose arch. This creates a new garden space and awakens the curiosity of the beholder, which may well hide behind it. Also, the second line of sight, so the imaginary line that connects the two flower columns left and right of Hochstämmchens is interrupted by the Rondell. White gravel as a pathway looks generous and elegant. The four rank obelisks in the sills not only support the symmetry of the garden, they also open up new space for flowers. Tip: Use the same plants in all beds. The bookballs in all four terrace corners continue the idea of ​​symmetry here as well.

A round thing

Garden design around

MY suggestion number 2: Design round

If you divide the garden into circular areas, you create independent and yet interconnected areas. These are harmonious even if they are designed very differently, because the circle is perceived as a self-contained form. This makes him an important gardening tool. In our example, one has also taken advantage of the upsetting effect of the circular shape: The actually long, narrow garden appears shorter and wider through the circles. Due to the different sizes and their staggered arrangement additional tension is brought into the design.

Turf swinging

Lawns are usually easier to care for than large flower borders. In elegant curves, they look stylish and not boring

Roundings are lively

The size of the circles is adapted to the functions of the individual areas: the terrace occupies the most space. Consequently, it is also paved in a circle. Tip: If possible, a round table should be placed on a circular terrace, otherwise it will not look right. It is followed by a circular lawn surrounded by flowerbeds in soft colors and connecting the terrace with the second, smaller seating area. This is covered with white gravel and just big enough for a bank. Ball-shaped trees and shrubs complete the picture.

Create garden spaces

Garden design garden rooms

MY suggestion number 3: Design garden spaces

In our next example, the garden areas consist of a terrace that serves sociability, a retreat for relaxed leisure hours and the kitchen garden with garden shed and compost. Understandably, you would not like to have the latter in mind when you've just made yourself comfortable on the garden lounger under the tree. Help with climbing plants overgrown trellis. They occupy little space and are less massive than stone walls or dense hedges. A special feature in the back garden are the brick raised beds: They not only provide new perspectives, but can compensate for even slight differences in height in gardens with a slight slope.

Garden for the whole family

If you have small children, you have to compromise on the garden design. How the balancing act between sandbox, swing and playground on the one hand and the desire for cultivated perennial borders and lush green lawn on the other hand still succeed as elegantly as possible, shows this family garden.

Children's playground included

Garden design Organic

MY suggestion number 4: Organic design

In the back garden part is the "kindergarten". Here, smaller and larger children have room to romp and play, for example in the sandpit or the self-made willow tepee. A climbing tree inspires the slightly older children.Important, especially for the very small ones: Although the garden is divided optically into two rooms by the line formed by rose bows and shrubs. The game corner is still visible from the house. The front area of ​​the garden with terrace and flowerbeds was designed more to meet the needs of adults. Instead of emphasizing the contrast between the two parts of the garden through a particularly tidy "adult garden" even more, the whole garden should get a playful character. This effect is achieved by the curved edges, which give both the terrace and the flower beds much more lightness.

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