Fragrant lawn chamomile: sowing and care

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The fragrant lawn chamomile is an undemanding ground cover, because you can easily plant. You can read here how it works.

The lawn chamomile is resistant to treading

The fragrant lawn chamomile can form tightly closed areas with rich green, which is why public spaces and company forecourts like to resort to this kind of easy-care greening. The winter hardy lawn chamomile is also firm and has in the summer (June to September) also a long-lasting, white flowers.

Special culture: English lawn chamomile

Meanwhile, in addition to the so-called Roman lawn chamomile and an English lawn chamomile is offered, which thrives in half-shade without any problems. And this maximum of only 5 centimeters high growing groundcover is also much better for the fragrant lawn greening.

As a disadvantage of this plant genus is described, however, that it is only partially winter hardy and then makes her especially the frosty waterlogging fast to create. However, you can counteract this problem by creating a drainage within the turf cushion.

Sowing the lawn chamomile

The pleasantly scented lawn chamomile prefers an absolutely sunny location and a nutrient-rich soil that is good and would like to have plenty of moisture. The sowing should be done locally and best in spring. The lawn chamomile also grows easily in late summer, whereupon it then develops well in the following year. Spreading of the plant takes place independently for several years thereafter.

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The lawn chamomile is also well suited for growing in pots, which can then spread their fragrance sometimes on terraces and balconies.

Care of the lawn chamomile

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The lawn chamomile, often referred to as Roman chamomile, grows up to a maximum of 20 centimeters high. Nevertheless, you should cut back the lawn chamomile every year immediately after flowering. This pruning then promotes the dense growth of this perennial plant sustainable.

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The lawn chamomile is not only used as a fragrant plant, but is often used as a medicinal plant their use, including digestive problems, toothache and earache.


Even if the lawn chamomile tolerates dryness usually well, you should water the plant on hot summer days, if possible in the morning or in the evening.


Fertilization of the scent pads is usually hardly ever required. If necessary, however, you can deploy a complete fertilizer once a year in the spring.

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