Fragrant roses - 6 varieties

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Roses are not just beautiful

Roses are on the one hand very nice to look at, but should also smell wonderful. We would like to introduce you to 6 fragrant roses.

Wonderful scent in the whole garden
A rose is perfect if it looks nice and also smells really nice. If you sit on the porch swing, then you can be enveloped by the beautiful scent of roses. If a little wind blows through the garden, certain roses give off their wonderful scent throughout the garden. Here are six varieties of roses that emit especially wonderful scents.

Fragrant roses - 6 varieties

  1. New Dawn: This is a climbing rose that can grow up to three meters high. It smells like apple and makes filled, whitish pink flowers.
  2. Sympathy: Also belonging to the genus of climbing roses, with a height of up to four meters. Smells like wild roses and blooms in dark red.
  3. Immensee: This is a groundcover rose that blooms pink, can grow 40 centimeters high and spreads an intense rose scent.
  4. Westerland: This shrub rose grows up to one and a half meters, blooms orange and smells very strong.
  5. Scent Cloud: What a name for this hybrid that blooms coral, filled and very large flowers and radiates a wonderful fragrance.
  6. Queen of roses: This variety may not be missing in the Edelrosen, of course. With its salmon-colored, filled flowers, it spreads a wonderful rose scent.

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