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Under a patio is usually an area in the garden, which serves as a seating area. This can also be a terrace or even a balcony, but also just a patch in the garden, which is just nice and cozy and where you can perfectly construct a seating area.
No matter where the patio is located, it is crucial to think of a roof that makes sense for a variety of reasons.
It is mostly the protection from the sun that causes owners of a patio to create a roofing.
The sun's rays can have a negative impact on health, is well known. In addition, it can also be incredibly warm on such a patio when the sun is shining in midsummer. If children belong to the family who also play outdoors, then a patio roofing is obligatory anyway.
The possibilities to create a patio roofing are very versatile. The ideas are based on the local conditions, the available budget and the personal taste.
The classic - the outdoor wooden canopy
To create a wooden canopy is the classic at all. Such a roofing is also called a pergola, which is characterized by the fact that it consists practically only of a roof, which is supported on columns.
These columns can then be decorated beautifully, including e.g. Plants, hanging baskets or other accessories that are typical of a garden decoration. A wooden pergola creates sun protection on one side, but at the same time it can also integrate a privacy screen by cultivating additional plants on the required side.
The costs of a pergola are very limited. A simple model can already be bought for less than 200 euros. Alternatively, with a little manual skill you can even create a wooden patio seat.
If you do not have a clean roof at this point, you can also buy or build a pavilion. This is characterized by the fact that it is like a hut, because here are on three sides walls available.
This not only provides effective sun and privacy, but also protection against wind and rain. Thus, the Frezirkitz can also be used in autumn and winter. Here, too, DIY stores and the Internet offer numerous models in a wide variety of price categories. Between 500 and 5,000 euros, practically everything is possible.
The idea - a plastic or glass patio canopy
Even though wood has numerous advantages, this material is not for everyone. After all, one should not forget that wood is associated with a certain care effort. Without a regular wood preservative coating, the patio cover would rot over time.
Little work, however, makes a patio roof made of plastic or glass. But this variant is also very expensive. Especially a patio with a glass roofing beats in most cases with several thousand euros to book.
Therefore, many opt for the cheaper alternative plastic. Here are plastic plates, which are available in various designs and sizes, fixed on a wooden structure and then provide a sun protection from above. The plastic sheets are available in a transparent version and are visually indistinguishable from glass.
In addition, there are also many models of gerilchtem plastic or with certain patterns. The costs for this are just as varied as the designs, so that you can spend only 500 euros for a plastic patio seat, but on the other hand also a small fortune.

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