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The garden design is for many, many homeowners an issue in itself. First of all, gardening is understood to mean work designed to make the garden more beautiful, or to prepare it for its purpose. In fact, a garden can be used in a variety of ways, for example as a nursery, which means you can plant vegetables or plant trees.
Furthermore, you can make a garden as a so-called residential garden. This can be achieved, for example, by preparing a small barbecue area with outdoor grill and fixed garden benches and a table, or alternatively, if you want to grill his garden furniture around the grill around (then fulfills the same purpose).
Characteristic of a residential garden, however, is that it is constantly used for barbecuing and that you may also have a garden socket permanently installed. - So, a little bit of luxury for the garden.
Furthermore, you can decorate the garden of course as a pure ornamental garden. This is achieved by planting trees of different species there. It is said that the garden reflects its own character and advantages again. But no matter how you design your garden, you will find that you are never finished.
Because a garden would like to be maintained. However, so that you usually have to do as little work as possible, you should plan the garden design from scratch. This can help free software for garden design. This is available on the Internet. With the help of such software, you can, as in a living room planner, make his garden. Various tools are available, such as different floor coverings or fences. In addition, of course, also plants, as well as garden furniture, which you can virtually push with the mouse button to different places.
The software is usually easy to understand. Some versions also contain a tool for plant descriptions, or their location requirements, which is also important for the garden design to know.
The free software offers at a glance:

  1. The software RTL Guide My Garden 2 works in German, available at A very extensive program with interactive and multimedia garden software that allows you to plan not only your garden but also your balcony or terrace (balcony and potted plants have been added to the latest version). Overall, the software offers many features and a wealth of objects, the plant database contains some garden tips and tricks and information about the right plant care, and if everything goes wrong, just stop by the plant doctor. The "RTL Guide My Garden 2" is easy to use, you can create a garden floor plan in a few clicks and then distribute your favorite plants in this. The software is quite extensive, however, if you are working with an older computer, you should look very closely at the system requirements.
  2. Albin's allotment garden planner was programmed privately, and the family man provides the software for free, but without any liability. He has written it for the work in the garden garden, you can plan here, when you have to be active in which bed and on which vegetable. As system requirements, Windows or Mac are specified under installation of Java 6 or 7, the program can be found at some time ago, the magazine "My beautiful garden" has released their free garden planner However, it is still available for download at Not without reason, the program is simple (in 2D), but also easy to use, the finished plans can be easily saved as a JPG. And it is your solution if you work with an older computer in a long-running constellation and do not want to join any operating system update: provided as a browser is Firefox 3.x or Safari 3 (currently there is version 19 on Firefox.x). If your computer has changed a bit over time, you might just have to try out whether this software works on your modern browser.
  3. The above-mentioned program Virtual Garden was launched by the BBC, if it has a similar quality as the contributions from this station, it is certainly very good to use. Unfortunately, the garden planner can still be downloaded, you will find it at //, but it is no longer maintained by the editors.
  4. You can download trial versions of other garden planners at and at //, both planners can try them out for 15 days.

The last three garden planners are designed in English, which could help you to gain good vocabulary knowledge in the plant sector, but there are also constantly new programs launched, the occasional search on the net for a new and German-language program is well worth it.
As a useful and free program we can recommend you Virtual Garden - all details on
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