Freeze fresh, dried and ground herbs and spices

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Freeze fresh, dried and ground herbs and spices: herbs

Herbs and spices give dishes the necessary pep and round off the taste. No wonder that they are becoming increasingly popular with hobby gardeners. The problem is that you usually have a big harvest, but only a small amount in the kitchen. Consequently, they must be stored and preserved. Besides drying, freezing is a possibility.

Make durable

Spice herbs are characterized by their intense aromas. These flavors are best known for their freshness. It's just stupid that spice herbs only stay fresh for a very short time. Conserving must therefore be about preserving as many of the key flavors as possible. Without loss of flavor, however, a preservation can not be realized. In principle, two methods can be distinguished - drying and freezing. The latter is to be given preference in the vast majority of spice herbs. By freezing namely the ingredients and thus the aromas are preserved. In addition, the essential oils are largely preserved.


Basically, all herbs can be preserved by freezing. However, there are also those for which a drying is the better choice, because with them, the intensity of the flavors can be increased by the loss of water. These include, above all, oregano and thyme. In the freezer or freezer they would very quickly lose their aroma. The following herbs are particularly suitable for freezing:
  • wild garlic
  • basil
  • dill
  • coriander
  • lovage
  • mint
  • parsley
  • chives

Herbal plants mix

Even if you hear something else again and again: the freezing of food does not protect it from perishing for all eternity. The decay is only slowed down by the freezing and not completely stopped. Of course, this also applies to frozen herbaceous herbs. Because of their volatile aromas, their durability even minimizes. In general, it can be assumed that frozen herbs and spices are easily stable between six months and a year. Everything that goes beyond does not necessarily mean that they can no longer be enjoyed. Their taste may usually be gone.

spice mix

Fresh herbs and spices from our own garden are also suitable for preparing complete spice mixtures or pesto even before freezing. It is always advisable to add high quality oils. Oils such as olive oil conserve the herbs and can be frozen with ease.

What does not work

As mentioned several times, almost all aromatic herbs can be frozen. However, it is not recommended to place marjoram, pepper or paprika in the freezer. They lose so much of aroma that they can not be used anymore. In addition, finely ground herbs do not belong in the freezer. Milled clumps very easily when frozen and loses a great deal of flavor. Vacuuming is clearly the better solution here.

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