Frogs in the garden pond - What to do against the noise?

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Frogs can reach up to 90 decibels with their gequake. Thus, the louder are like some electronic tool. Sure, that someday you get annoyed. But you have to tolerate it?

Frogs can be very loud

Those who own a garden pond usually have frogs in them. In itself, the little animals are not a problem. Above all, they are welcome when they immigrate, colonize the pond, and thus nature can develop naturally. But that frogs are not just sitting on the shore or turning their rounds and are as mute as fish, everyone knows that. But on the contrary. They like to organize a real quak concert.

Every now and then a little frogquake is nice, but that can quickly take over, because frog concerts can often last several hours. And thus many people rob sleep at night. So what if the neighbor has frogs that can make noise for hours, and you can not sleep?

Why are frogs croaking so loud?

Frogs start their Quak concert from the end of April until the summer. Because then is mating time. With the Gequake, the men court and mark their territory. And that can be incredibly loud. Just for comparison: a jackhammer makes it to 80 decibels. The croaking of frogs even to 90 decibels! Unbelievable, is not it?

What can be done against the Gequake?

Unfortunately, if you are a neighbor of a garden pond owner or can not stand the trepidation from your garden pond, then unfortunately you can not do anything. Your neighbor does not have to fill the pond or remove the frogs. These fall under the Species Protection Ordinance and therefore may not be removed. So you have to accept the noise. Surely you can meet again in court, but the chances of succeeding here are close to zero. Such negotiations already existed in court. And all have failed.

However, there is one exception:

If someone feels massively disturbed by the frog concerts during the night, an annoyed neighbor can hope for support. The Federal Supreme Court has ruled that judges can make a derogation if the quake exceeds the benchmark of 35 decibels by 20 decibels. The owner of the frog pond then has to relocate the frogs to prevent the noise. But the joy of rest will not last long, because next year frogs will settle again.


Yes, you might think that you can do something against frogs rather than dog barking (see here for more information) and then that. Unfortunately you are sitting on the shorter lever. If you feel massively disturbed, you can either be annoyed every year or go the easier way and use earplugs. So you can sleep well at least at night.

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