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Hardly any food has experienced such a boom in recent years as the avocado. As a trend fruit in the kitchen and cosmetics, it is eaten, drunk, laid on and massaged. Whether as oil, spread, baking ingredient, tea, skin cream or facial mask - the green fruit is more popular than ever. This is due to their valuable ingredients - including various unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins - their good processing properties and their velvety-nutty taste. As a medicinal plant, the avocado is used for cough, diarrhea, obesity and acne. By the way, even the avocado kernel can be processed into smoothies and teas.

Avocado - a tropical tree for the windowsill

In its tropical homeland, the pear-shaped avocado (Persea americana) grows to a 20-meter-high tree. In the leaf axils, small bright green flowers form, which produce some time after their fertilization, the popular dark green berry fruits with wrinkled skin. Their original multiplication by seeds is no longer interesting for the breeders, as the offspring grow wild and thus lose their typical varietal characteristics. In room culture, however, you can still easily pull a small tree for a window sill from an avocado core. Although these trailing avocados do not bear fruit, it is a wonderful experiment for children and all plant lovers.

Using avocado pots in water

It's easy to get rid of an avocado core. The water method is particularly suitable to observe the development of an avocado plant from seed to tree. In order to drive an avocado core in water, you first need only three toothpicks and a vessel with water - for example, a mason jar. The core is carefully removed from the fruit, washed well and dried. Then drill a toothpick approximately five millimeters deep in three places at approximately the same distance around the center of the core and place the dull eggshaped avocado core with the tip pointing upwards onto the glass. The lower third of the core should be suspended in the water.

Driving avocado pots in water

To grow one sticks three toothpicks in the avocado core and sets this with the blunt side down on a glass of water. Thus, the growth of the young seedling can be observed very nicely

After about six weeks, the top opens and a germ emerges. He is growing very fast. At the bottom, long, straight roots form. If, after a few months, sufficient vigorous roots have grown from the bottom and a strong healthy shoot from the top of the avocado core, the core can be transformed into a pot of soil. Carefully remove the toothpicks and plant the core in moist soil - without damaging the roots. The avocado core remains on the surface, only the roots are potted.

Avocado kernels with roots and seedling

When the first roots have formed, the young avocado tree should move from the water glass to a plant pot with soil

Plant avocado pots in soil

You can also plant the avocado kernel directly in soil. Simply fill a flower pot with soil - ideally a potting soil with clay content - and put the clean, dry core into it. Again, two-thirds of the avocado core should remain above the earth. A mini-greenhouse for the room keeps temperature and humidity steady, but is not essential. Lightly water the soil and keep the core moist by spraying regularly. The soil in the plant pot must not dry out, otherwise all efforts were in vain.

Grooming avocado pearling

In the care of the young trees finger tip is needed. The avocado plant needs as a tropical plant high humidity, heat and a uniformly moist substrate. But if she gets wet feet, she is easily attacked by mold! The core then softens and rots. The small avocado tree is best placed in a warm room (22 to 25 degrees Celsius) to a bright window and regularly check the water supply. Evaporated water in the glass is also refilled in time, so that the driven avocado core does not suddenly sit on dry land.

Avocado seedlings

Avocado plants can be cultivated well on a bright south window. However, the optimal location is a conservatory, where the plants also get enough light from above

An avocado tree for the windowsill

Even after a few years, an avocado tree will not grow larger than 1.50 meters, making it ideal for the windowsill or conservatory. A well-rooted avocado tree should be fertilized every 14 days in the summer months, in the winter months, however, he needs a rest. Overwinter your avocado tree at a maximum of 15 degrees Celsius in as bright a place as possible and pour less. In spring, the young avocado can be transplanted into a larger pot.Usually the avocado tree grows as a long, straight shoot. If the avocado branch, this shoot can be cut in a well-rooted plant in about 30 centimeters high, to stimulate the budding of the lateral buds.

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Hand mask after gardening

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