From the lawn to the villa garden

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A broken lawn, chain link fence and an unadorned garden house - more offers this property. But there is potential in the seven by eight meter area. But for the right plant selection, a concept must first be created. Download the planting plans at the end of the article.

Suggestion 1: Flourishing finale in the Landhausgarten

Quite to the taste of country house fans here a comfortable realm developed. The fence on the left is hidden behind screens made of pasture. Along this side, there is now a wide flower bed, where a bed of roses, perennials and summer flowers with rural charm can be found. In addition to purple coneflower, bed rose 'summer wind', dark pink dahlia and white flowering feverfew, self-seeded tall sunflowers complement the plants.

Blooming finale in Villa Garden

Our first design idea transforms the bare lawn into a blooming country house garden

There is even room for an apple tree. In front of the fence at the end of the plot, an elderberry bush (left) and a lilac (right) are planted. Above the new wooden gate is the pink climbing rose 'Manita'. On the left is a wooden bench, which is framed in the autumn by a purple-blue iron hat. The rectangular shape of the garden is broken up by a small bed in the front area with sunflowers, dahlias, purple sunhat and bookballs. On the wicker scaffold tendrils grow.

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