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The place is there, just not the ideas for a garden design. So far, the house is just surrounded by a lawn. With a varied plantation of trees, shrubs and flowers can be created in no time.

Suggestion 1: Seating under the leafy roof

Almost everyone dreams of a seat surrounded by lush flowers. The simple lawn can be quickly transformed into a green garden room. The clou in this example: Specially shaped trees with flat crowns naturally provide the shade needed in summer.

Plane trees with roof tops

The plane trees with roof tops serve as shade donors

Even if the price for the plane trees with so-called roof crowns is high, it is worth buying the green shade roofs in the long run. So that the long straight trunks do not seem boring, the trees are placed in beds of equal size, which are decorative with perennials, roses and grasses all year round. On the outside, low hedges on the outside and lavender hedges on the inside towards the sitting area ensure order.
From May to delight the magical light violet flowers of the Bearded Iris 'Violet Music' the connoisseurs. On time in June, the pink bed rose 'Rosenprofessor Sieber' opens, which is enveloped by simultaneously blooming white and lavender blue catnip. Fetthenne 'Carl' and upright silver eargrass set great accents in autumn. The small carpet sedum comes out big with its crimson flowers and purple leaves as gap fillers. There are also splashes of color for the white house walls: annual violet bell vines conquer the trellises in no time.

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