From the lawn to the sea of ​​flowers

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The large, bare lawn with the dead straight path made of concrete slabs is anything but exciting. The short, freely growing hedge of ornamental shrubs divides the plot a bit, but seems pretty lost without a beautiful planting of perennials and bulbs.

Suggestion 1: Rural garden in bloom

What could be better for a large green lawn than flowering plants? As a starting signal for the project "Sea of ​​Flowers", the lawn is first removed and the surface is then dug up. The previously straight path is removed and replaced by four short clinker paths, which open up the central gravel pit of the newly designed area from opposite directions.

Rural garden in bloom

The rose-stemmed rose 'Jasmina' sets the tone in the four beds opposite each other. In the front and back two beds are each the same companions again

At the front, one-year-old summer flowers, such as the pink 'Double Click' flower basket, bloom with colorful dahlias. In addition, the autumn anemone 'Septembercharm' shines until October. By contrast, the yellow bearded iris 'butter cookie' shines from May to June. In the rear beds next to the blue bench, the flower candles of blue larkspur 'Ballkleid' rise up next to fragrant Muskateller sage. The red sun hat lights up from July and is still blooming on misty autumn days still attractive. Around all beds low nasturtium red, yellow and orange provides a decorative border. An eye-catcher in the middle of the gravel square is a sundial, which is also caressed by one-year nasturtium.

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