From the lawn to the small garden dream

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Here, creative garden planners can really get started: The mini garden consists only of a bare lawn, which is surrounded by mixed hedgerows. With clever layout and the right choice of plants can enjoy even on the smallest plot of the great garden happiness.

Suggestion 1: A modern garden for connoisseurs

The division into three rooms invites you to a journey of discovery through the small garden: in the first area, directly adjacent to the slightly lower existing terrace, a pool of water makes for a relaxing sight. Turn left, one step higher, to a small square with a brick bench illuminated by the evening sun.

Outdoor pool next to Plattenweg

Our first design idea is a tripartite division of the lawn

In the right rear corner, again one step higher, is another seat, which is also suitable for a larger garden party with a brick corner bench and table and stools. It is overshadowed by a white varnished wood cladded with clematis, which at the same time provides shade and privacy. The choice of plants is based on the main color in the garden: Blue flowers complement benches and water basins in color, contrasted by white varieties. The optical centerpiece is a roof platoon surrounded by bearded iris, phlox, sage, grasses and bearded flowers, planted with leadwort. In the back shady area, forest bellflower, foam blossom, monkshood and funkie provide a splash of color.

Video Board: Gardening – A Gardener’s Dream Backyard Makeover.

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