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This garden corner behind the carport offers no beautiful sight. Disturbing is also the direct view of the garbage cans and the car. All sorts of materials have accumulated in the storage area under the shed, which are more reminiscent of the construction site than the garden. The owners are at a loss during the transformation and desperately want more order and plants.

Proposal 1: Spacious garden corner with whistle

The redesigned area on the back of the garage is clear and tidy. From the carport, a bright natural stone staircase leads into the garden. Right next to it grow in an elevated gabion plant bed autumn head grass, fire herb and Junkerlilie, which give the adjoining bench some privacy. On soft pillows can be perfectly insert a small break. In addition, under the wooden bench in small compartments enough storage space for all sorts of garden utensils.

first version spacious garden corner

The cozy bench invites you to linger

Quite skillfully, the rain barrel and garden tools, such as lawnmowers and wheelbarrows, disappear into the right side of the staircase in an elongated, recessed wooden cabinet on the wall. The area in front of the stairs is laid out with garden gravel so as not to stand in the wet grass. For more privacy, a wicker partition is placed, which obscures the view to the street and the garbage cans. To loosen the privacy of the carport, blue plant pots with brackets are attached to the wall. Spanish Daisies, Gold Flax and Filled Rock Elves delight in pink, yellow and white with long-lasting blooms. Small pots on the wooden cabinet are planted with the same flowering plants. To emphasize the beautiful red of the façade, the year-old shoots of the densely growing black-eyed Susanne climb up the blue wooden trellis, giving a nice contrast from July to October with their yellow flowers. The clothes dryer is offset by a few meters.

One-year Spanish Daisies

From April to October, the annual Spanish Daisy treats pink-white flowers throughout

A narrow discounts in the lawn impressed with arched overhanging stalks of Atlas fescue, to join Junkerlilie and cockade flower 'burgundy'. With her deep red blossom, she revives the striking facade color in the plantation. On the opposite wall of the house grow in a stone-filled gabion raised bed the green-yellow blooming steppe-spurge, as well as cockade flower, fire-herb and purple-widow's flower.

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