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To see is currently only a house in the shell with an unfinished terrace. But it is already clear that this time will be a sunny spot. Only the good ideas are missing. Below are two pretty design suggestions.

Suggestion 1: Sun terrace to dream

Enjoy the summer all around - with this design idea, the end of work on your own terrace becomes a relaxing experience. For sight protection to the neighbors provides a dogwood (Cornus alba 'Sibirica'), whose red branches light up in winter decorative. On the other hand shine several Cornelian cherry trunks (Cornus mas), whose small yellow flowers already open in March. The trees create optically vertical elements and provide shade on sunny days.

Terrace with loungers perennial beds

On this terrace you can relax with a colorful view

The transition from the south-facing terrace to the garden is transformed into a lush sea of ​​flowers in red, yellow and orange, because here in July and August sunbeams set the tone. Planted in narrow ribbons, red day lilies and Indian armchairs, yellow sun brides and goldenrod as well as orange torch lilies are ideal bedding partners. A stylish companion of the Sonnenkinder is the giant whistlegrass (Molinia), whose almost man-sized stalks also adorn in the fall and winter. As compact and pretty bordering plants the yellow-flowering mountain chamomile in May / June and the purple bells (Heuchera 'Palace Purple') with brown-red leaves are used. Narrow lawn paths lead from the terrace to the garden.

Suggestion 2: A pleasure for the senses

If you do not just want to have flowers in your garden, you will find what you are looking for here. The sunny position of the terrace and the garden are the best conditions to successfully grow fruit and herbs. For example, you can plant a pear trellis as a screen that is flanked by apple trunks.

Fruit and vegetable garden

In our second design idea, we consider the possibility of planting fruit and herbs

Whether in pots on the terrace or directly in the terrace garden: The popular red currant stems have space everywhere. Planted with spicy and long-lasting herbs such as sage, lavender, thyme or mint, this creates a pretty focal point in the bed. Combining fruits and herbs with the wonderfully fragrant pink flowering 'Eden Rose' and perennial shrubs such as cranesbill 'Rozanne', lady's mantle and coneflower, a versatile planting has been achieved on a small area. The main flowering period extends from June to August. Buchs balls ensure that the beds do not look too bleak in winter. Even if this little paradise garden requires a little more care due to the professional pruning of the fruit trees and shrubs, it is worth the effort in any case. And if that's not enough enjoyment, you can also draw sweet vegetables such as sweet cherry tomatoes in pots on the terrace. With enough sun, they will mature in August.

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