From the terrace to the garden: This is how to make a nice transition

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The terrace is the green living room of every garden owner. Here is breakfast, read, grilled and spent time with friends. Located in the transition area from inside to outside, it connects the house and the garden. We would like to give you a few design tips with which you can merge your cozy seat even more harmoniously with the rest of the garden.

Floorings terraced

The floor covering of the terrace should be reflected in the garden paths or other paved areas. For example, use the stone slabs of the seat as a roadway. Two 50-centimeter-wide panels make a sufficiently large path through your green empire. If you prefer to use more types of rocks, you should make sure that no too wild material mix is ​​created. For example, let the natural stone edge of the terrace reappear in paths made of concrete slabs.

A frame for the terrace

An attractive surround is essential for the terrace, so that it becomes your favorite room from spring to autumn. Because without a suitable frame it lies unprotected on the edge of the lawn and gives no security. An attractive setting with flowerbeds, shrubs or green screens provides a cozy ambience on your terrace. Mostly a terrace has only the house wall in the back and the sides are exposed to the wind or strangers unprotected. A feel-good atmosphere only arises when the sides - or at least one side - are surrounded by plants.

Terrace modern designed

A broad bed of lavender and ground cover roses connects the terrace, which is covered by a modern concrete pavement, with the rest of the garden

Most of the terraces are on the sunny south side of the house. For example, in this warm, bright spot you can create a romantic bed of fragrant roses such as the peach-colored variety 'Augusta Luise', Delphinium (Delphinum), gypsophila, lavender and the bearded flower (Caryopteris). Anyone who would like to have flowering shrubs as lateral greening, chooses summer lilac (Buddleja alternifolia), butterfly shrub (Buddleja davidii), Kolkwitzie (Kolkwitzia amabilis) or the pipe shrub (Philadelphus coronarius).

Shrubs and potted plants as a screen

Do not put the shrubs too close to the terrace, because the older the plants get, the more space they will need. Space-saving are green screen elements. If you do not want to commit yourself, instead of a bed, an arrangement of differently sized potted plants is recommended. With coasters you can even regroup large pot stars such as trumpet flower, bougainvillea and oleander. On one side of the garden, for example, Buchs-Hochstämmchen, Clematis-churned obelisks or a rose arch make an impressive impression.

Terrace with potted plants

Potted plants can be variably placed on the edge of the terrace and thus prevent an immediate transition to the lawn

Intercept height differences between terrace and garden

Differences in height between the terrace and the garden often do not make a harmonious transition easy. If you build a retaining wall, you should plan a bed in front of the terrace and behind it the wall. So you can still enjoy the flower magic and do not fall directly into the depths. With larger height difference (more than 50 centimeters) can also be built several stages and fill the spaces with roses or overhanging upholstery plants. Stairways should not be too small - on broad, flat steps wonderful potted plants and other accessories can be decorated.

Retaining wall garden

Two walls made of natural stones catch the difference in height to the garden. In between there is enough space for the planting with lavender

Ponds and pools as a transition

With water you achieve an exciting transition from the terrace to the garden. Thus, the adjacent garden pond transforms a wooden terrace to the pier, from which one can let the legs dangle into the water. For smaller solutions, there are formal pools of water that go well with the most angular forms of terraces. Even spring or bubbling stones and fountains provide a fresh climate. Attention: The splashing should only be discreetly heard as background music. Too loud water sounds could disturb your terrace oasis.

Terrace with pond

In this row house garden, the wood covering of the terrace and the side bar with the square water basin form a harmonious unity. Instead of a concrete wall natural stones are set at the staircase to the basement

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