From the unitary green to the flower garden

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This garden does not deserve the name. It consists of a large lawn, a feral rampart and a few randomly distributed shrubs. The view falls from the seat directly onto a barely covered gray garage wall. High time for a proper garden design.

Suggestion 1: Welcome to the Rose Paradise

What could be better than planting roses on a sunny plot! And these can be enjoyed from different seats depending on the time of day in summer. A pergola covered by the red climbing rose 'Sympathie' conceals the existing garage. The romantic-looking, white-painted iron bench is surrounded by perennials in red, purple and white, such as the sun hat, the tall verbena, the aster, the fat hen and the low bellflower.

Rose garden with a covered pergola

Our first design idea transforms the garden into a small rose paradise

Between the perennials, the upright riding grass sets great accents in autumn. From this seat extends a wide bed and hides the slope at the property boundary. There is enough space for the up to three meters high pike rose (Rosa glauca), which forms red rosehips in autumn. It is accompanied by the barberry 'Park Jewel'. In front of it, the orange-yellow shrub rose 'Westerland' as well as the sun hat, aster, stonecrop, tall verbena and bellflower line the bed. From the front seat, which can be found on a round gravel surface, you can also see the left, newly created garden half. Here, too, the shrub rose 'sympathy' on a wooden pergola and covers a white bench. Before that, 'Westerland' and the perennials are once again flourishing.

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