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A small front garden made of two tiered beds requires a welcoming planting that has something to offer the whole year and matches the color of the brickwork. Also important is a good height grading of the plants.

Suggestion 1: triad in yellow, pink and white

To ensure that a small front garden in front of a large house does not look too tiny, there are a few things to keep in mind when designing: You should preferably use plants with bright flowers and leaves as well as trees and shrubs with a slim habit. In our first design idea, the columnar ornamental cherry 'Amanogawa' and the narrow tall miscanthus in the bed in front of the house wall fulfill this task. The yellow-flowered climbing rose 'Alchemist' on the staircase also visually enlarges the front garden.

Bunk bed with ornamental cherry

The columnar-growing ornamental cherry fits well with its slender growth in the floor bed

These "climbers" are underplanted with white groundcover rose 'Diamant' and pink cranesbill, which can also be found in the larger bed below. There they are surmounted by tall yellow steppe candles that grow next to a large tufa made of purple sunhat. At the foot, a weigela with yellow-green patterned leaves and pink flowers provides fresh color in the front yard.
In autumn and winter, the lamp-shining grass and the fat hen trump. Their inflorescences adorn even in frosty times. In winter, the predominantly low vegetation can be well protected with spruce. With a fairy lights and matching decoration, the garden looks very appealing even without flowers.

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