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This modern semi-detached house has no front yard. The uniform design of the two residential units should be emphasized by two symmetrically arranged front gardens. Because the house seems rather stocky, the plants should not be too high.

Proposal 1: Dream garden on the doorstep

A front garden has a similar function as a business card - by appealing design, they should stand out from the crowd and the owner will be remembered. Apart from the effect on others one would like to look at flowering beds rather than on barren ground even when entering and leaving the house.

Front yard with ball steppe cherries

The two symmetrically designed front gardens are framed by lavender

Since you can see the front garden area almost every day, you should pay special attention to it during the planning. Both front garden areas are the same size in this new semi-detached house. A harmonious overall impression is created when the front garden beds are symmetrically planned and planted. Fragrant lavender facings form the setting for a classy combination of white-flowering hydrangea and a small snowflake 'Snowflake', which shares space in the bed with bookballs and lamp-brush grass. The free bed area is planted with flat growing evergreen cotoneaster. It ensures that soon no brown earth shines through. If it grows too luxuriant, you can keep it in good order with scissors. Above all, two ball-steppe-cherries rise at the edges. The front door graces ivy on the left and right and white-clematis hybrids in tall gray vessels.

Suggestion 2: Fragrant flower stars in small beds

Narrow, curved paths with gray gravel cover meander through both beds, allowing the planting of small planting islands. From June, when the pink flowers of the rose 'Bella Rosa' open, there is a wonderful scent in the air. He gets support from the flower bud, a decorative form of oregano with intense pink flowers. They exude their spicy aroma while grinding the leaves.

Fragrance garden with roses oregano

Roses and floral essences of an ornamental oregano make for seductive scents in the garden

Already in April, the rose-colored flowers of the Bergenia open, the large winter-green leaves get a reddish glow in autumn. Important for the overall picture of the beds are so-called Füllstauden: Narrow bands of violet-blue catnip, blue cranesbill and light blue mountain-aster shine in summer next to pale yellow dyer's camomile in front of the house. White ball-bellflowers and the egret-feather-grass with silvery, arched overhanging blossoms act in between. The ornamental apple 'Rudolph' inspires in May with pink-white flowers and from September with orange-yellow, long adhering to the tree fruits.

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