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The initial situation: The property is not planted in front of the house so far and the lawn does not look good. The demarcations between paved areas and lawns must also be redesigned.

Suggestion 1: Beautiful flower beds all year round

If you do not have the time and inclination to mow lawns, you should prefer to plant colorful beds in the front yard. A low wall made of clinker gives the surface support. In order to reduce the maintenance effort, it is best always to plant larger tuffs of the same plant: here it is yellow-flowering fire-weed, girl's eye and hellebore, the latter already blooming from March. Also the red-orange bed-rose 'Fellowship' in charming company of the spring-bristle grass has a fantastic effect on a large area at the height of flowering in summer.

Front yard with Klinkermauer flowerbeds

In our first design idea, a brick wall framed the front yard

To ensure that the front yard has something to offer all year round, evergreens like book and fire thorn must not be missing. With yellow fragrant flowers the witch hazel already from January on. Over summer it forms a tranquil green background for roses and perennials, before returning to the foreground in autumn with a golden yellow color. So that the large-scale wall does not seem so obtrusive, it is hidden behind a curtain of firethorn, which is also planted on the right in the bed as a freely growing shrub.
A garden room is used optimally, even if you use higher plants. On the side of the neighbor, the mulberry tree with its picturesque hanging crown (Morus 'Pendula') and the dogwood variety 'Sibirica' with its striking red branches add a decorative note. The cozy wooden bench in front of the house invites you to enjoy hours of sunshine. Here you sit well guarded by stately miscanthus.

Suggestion 2: Easy-care greenery in front of the house

A fresh green lawn also adorns entrance areas. It is best to lay the lawn so that it is easy to mow. Here, bands of perennials such as yellow daylily and bright purplish pink flowering Bergenie flank the green carpet.

Lawn and gravel path Miniteich

An easy-care lawn, a curved gravel path and a mini pond are the main elements of our second design idea

A gravel path meanders in front of the house and leads into the back garden part. A mini pond with small-flowered yellow water lily is also settled here. In the narrow bed in front of the house grow a yew hedge, which obscures the view of the brick, a rhododendron, which flowers in May, and various perennials. In addition to the already mentioned daylily and berry, these are the white-flowering goat's beard and the yellow candle-weed. The summer shines so full of flowers. This is joined by the white Ramblerrose 'Bobby James' with their fragrant flowers.
Indispensable because of their great leaf structures are also the Funkie 'Guacamole', the local ostrich fern (Matteucia) and the panel leaf (Astilboides), which forms up to 50 cm large leaves. The care for the front yard is limited in the spring and summer on regular lawn mowing. In autumn or spring, the perennials and the rose are cut back.

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