A front yard becomes the garden yard

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The design of the front garden was abandoned in half-finished condition. The narrow path made of concrete slabs is flanked by lawns with individual shrubs. Overall, the whole thing seems quite conventional and uninspired. A less prominent location for the garbage bin would also be desirable.

Suggestion 1: A courtyard garden on the doorstep

If the space in front of the house is limited, the garden must be well planned. The small front yard looks generous when it is laid out like a yard with big light tiles. There is also space for a bench in the middle of planted pots.

Courtyard garden with bench

Our first design idea transforms the front garden into a courtyard garden

The garbage cans fit to the left of the front door. Brick-edged beds on either side of the green frame provide access to the sidewalk and allow for a narrow entrance to the front yard. Narrow-crested mountain ash sets the tone here. Underneath, white hydrangeas bloom on both sides during the summer. There is also room for a Deutzie in the right bed. Her delicate pink-white flowers open in June / July. The evergreen groundcover Dickmännchen covers the open area all year round. In May, the robust, shadow-friendly species opens its short white flower candles.
A half - height privet hedge on the right side provides privacy to the neighbors, a dwarf - up to one meter high dwarf - privet hedgerow limits the garden courtyard to the left. Noteworthy in front of the house wall is the red blooming Clematis viticella 'Kermesina', which is planted in a pot. Next to the front door, the rose stem 'Heidetraum' shines until the autumn.

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