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The front garden was initially created after the construction of the house temporarily with gray gravel. Now the owners are looking for an idea that divides the bare area and makes it bloom. At the same time the already planted roof plane tree should be integrated into the planning right in front of the house.

Suggestion 1: Varied front garden with style and flowers

Lush flowerbeds and quieter areas with ground cover and natural stone paving provide a magnificent eye-catcher in front of the house. An access path to the door divides the area into two parts. The right one emphasizes the location of the existing roof plane tree, using its planting area as the center of a "sun" whose rays consist of narrow thyme planting strips. The interstices are filled with natural stone paving. The sloping road is taken up with the two beds, which thereby receive a triangular shape. They are planted with perennials, shrubs and bulbous flowers that bloom in different shades of pink and clear white.

Front yard in style

From a cozy bench, which is placed on the wall of the house, you can enjoy the scent of thyme wonderful

In the left area next to the garage, the rear part as a connecting element is also designed with these plants. An evergreen stem of Portuguese cherry laurel provides structure throughout the year. In contrast to the many flowers, the front part of the area is planted with silverwort, a winter-green, small-leaved groundcover that flowers white in spring and then develops witty spring fruits. Round treads provide even more relaxation in the even area and are also a handy shortcut for the way from the garage to the front door.

Bed with tulips 'Elegant Lady'

In spring, many pink-cream tulips 'Elegant Lady' are blooming in the triangular beds, accompanied by old-pink bluetong leeks. The bulb flower foliage is later covered by other plants

The first splashes of color in the flower beds appear from April, when numerous tulips 'Elegant Lady' as well as, appear on the Behrend, the spherical flowers of the bluetong leek. The cherry laurel high tribe accompanies them with white panicles. From May, thousands of anemone-like flowers overgrow the ground cover of silverwort; In the other planting areas the eyelash pearl grass starts to bloom. From June, the candles of the steppe sage 'Amethyst' as well as the fine flower clouds of the thyme strips 'Duftkissen' will provide strong rosaviolet. From July, the silver-toothed grass 'Allgäu', the pure white beauty candle 'Snowbird' as well as the two-colored Japan-sparrow 'Shirobana' conjure up a midsummer flair. In autumn, all the beds are kept attractive by the ornamental grasses, the very perennial magnificent candle and - after pruning in July - again blooming sage.

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