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Of the front yard in general, has already drawn a bad fate. Most front gardens lie on the east side of the house; Shadows and thus also increased wetness are the result. Not the ideal place for a beautifully landscaped garden. But with the right plants, you can even plan, create and design beautiful front gardens there...
Design idea: Lawn, better not!
Since the front garden is usually in the shade and there often keeps well wet, it would be fatal to create a lawn, as it would be overgrown with moss quickly and you have in the long run no joy. You only have it with low trees and conifers. These always look decorative and take no damage from the conditions.
Suitable plants
Suitable plants for the front garden are mainly low conifers, as well as all kinds of small-sized shrubs, trees and plants. Even trees for cutting look wonderful in a small front yard.
For the planting of edges one can also occasionally use a few flowering plants. This area can be adjusted for the season. In spring a few crocuses, in summer a beautiful little flower and in autumn a few heather shrubs and your front yard becomes one of the most beautiful ever.
The front garden is the business card of a house, so to speak, the first impression. But it also reflects the taste of the residents and says a lot about them. You can make a front garden open to the street or as a cozy retreat.
It is important that plants, material and color form a unit. Also, the whole style must fit the house. The front yard should be designed so that it does not do too much work. It is ideal to arrange the areas in such a way that we do not constantly see weeds, so cover a lot of paved area or the beds with mulch. A front yard is usually visible, so it has to look neat and that every day. Make it as easy as possible!
It is favorable if garage or carport are laminated. Also for garbage cans that's the case. Camouflage is everything. Climbers or shrubs are very suitable for this purpose.
At the Beflanzung you are spoiled for choice. Do you choose a fullness or rather calm green? In general, the size and location of the plot as well as the overall appearance of the house determine the design of the front yard. Recommended are small trees that look good all year round. Favorable thereby are those with spherical crowns or in column form. The overhanging growth is also attractive. Kinds like

  • ornamental
  • dogwood
  • Weißdorm

attract attention in every season of the eyes. Extensive deciduous trees and stately conifers are unfavorable for a front yard.

The motto "less is more" applies to the entrance area of ​​the house. It is important that the trees and plants do not press. Do not choose too many colors. The planting should look harmonious overall. Ideal are large tuffs or bands of perennials and grasses. They bring peace to the area.
Fence & Co
Also important is the demarcation to the street. Again, one can choose a labor-intensive or easy-care variant. Since front gardens are usually small, it makes sense not to ache them optically high hedges and fences. Better are low enclosures and airy metal or wooden fences. Even a low natural stone wall, only 30 cm high, is a good demarcation.
The front yard also includes paths and driveways, bicycle storage, garbage and the like. A width of 130 centimeters to the house entrance is sufficient. Two people can easily walk side by side. Not to be forgotten is a sufficient lighting, so you can get safely to the front door.
The front yard is an important design element. Take your time planning. This small area is extremely important. After all, he says a lot about you!

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