Refine fruit trees

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Fruit trees are best refined in spring

fruit trees You do not just have to care for it properly trimmingbut you have to have the trees too ennobleso that they bear enough fruit. However, this work requires a certain amount of time.

Refine fruit trees in spring
When refining, two parts of different plants are generally combined so that they grow together to form a plant forever. Most fruit trees are best processed in spring.

Cut back the crown
For this one cuts back the crown of the tree slightly. However, the strength of the severed branches should not exceed 10 to 15 centimeters. The added branches for refining are best chosen from very fertile and healthy trees. This is best suited for one-year and well-matured plants. In addition, one should ennoble the shoots on the mother tree, pointing to the south.

The best cutting time for the Edelreiser is the month of December or January. This is then put into the soil over the winter and can be used in the spring for refining the other tree.

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