Fruits and vegetables are "too good for the barrel!"

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The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) says with its initiative "Too good for the bin!" the food waste to fight, because about every eighth purchased food lands in the bin. That's almost 82 kilograms per person per year. In fact, around two thirds of this waste could be avoided. On the website you will find tips on shelf life and proper storage, facts about food waste and tasty recipes for leftovers. We have summarized here for you the best tips for storing fruit and vegetables.

Tips for storing vegetables


It makes us cry every time and we love it anyway: the onion. We consume about eight kilograms per capita per year. When stored cool and dry in a cool place, the onion is even stable for up to one year. If stored incorrectly, it drives you out. An exception are spring onions and red onions (Allium cepa) such as shallots: These are stored in the refrigerator and should be used up within a few weeks.


Whether radishes, carrots or beetroot: every year, every German consumes on average almost nine kilograms of beets. So that the root vegetables do not start to mold, they should be taken out of the plastic packaging after shopping and wrapped in old newspaper or a cotton cloth - preferably without greens, because this deprives the vegetables unnecessarily water. So keep the beets in the fridge for about eight days.


On average, every German consumes 26 kilograms of tomatoes a year. Thus, the tomato is the most popular vegetables in Germany. Nevertheless, the tomato is still stored incorrectly in many places. Actually she does not have anything to look for in the fridge. Instead, the tomato is kept at room temperature - away from other vegetables or fruits. The tomato separates the ripening gas from ethylene, which ripens or spoils other vegetables or fruits faster. Separate and airy, the tomato stays tasty for up to three weeks.

Tips for storing fruit

hanging bananas

Actually, bananas should be stored hanging


They are not only popular with the Minions, we also consume an average of almost 12 kilograms per capita every year. Lucky for us that bananas are imported all year round. But only very few people know how they should be stored: hanging! Because then they do not brown so fast and are durable for up to two weeks. Since the banana is particularly sensitive to ethylene, it should not be stored next to apples or tomatoes.


We Germans and our grapes - not only as wine, but also in nature very popular: We consume about five kilograms of grapes on average per person per year. In a paper bag, the grapes in the refrigerator even stay fresh for up to a week. In the fruit bowl, on the other hand, they spoil very quickly.


With an annual consumption of 22 kg per capita, the apple is virtually the king among the fruits. Similar to the tomato, the apple separates the ripening gas ethylene and should therefore be stored separately. In the fridge or on the storage shelf in the cool cellar, the apple can even be kept for several months.

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