Floor construction for tiles and underfloor heating

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Floor construction for tiles and underfloor heating

If you want to have a cozy warmth on your feet today, you should provide underfloor heating during construction or renovation.
It is a nice heat with pleasant side effects.
The construction of such a heater is not easy, things are not taken into account, so the floor can break.
Therefore, the screed must be designed accordingly. This must be provided with expansion joints. But these must not be chosen freely, they must be taken over by the concrete floor.
Between the screed and the concrete an insulating layer must be laid. This has two tasks, on the one hand to insulate the sound and to isolate the heat from the floor heating. Then the pipes of the underfloor heating are laid. When all this is done, the screed can come. But with a floor heating the minimum height of 4 cm must be kept.
Important differences in soil construction
Even the screed as such must be suitable for underfloor heating. There are different materials for the screed. When the screed has dried, the tiles can be glued. But first to the right one
Time to put the tiles on the screed. Since much can go wrong when drying the screed, the screed should log the drying. He is actually obliged to do that.
Working with the tile adhesive
But back to sticking the tiles: with the glue the tiles will always be in the middle
of the room started. The reason is that on all walls with the tiles a reasonable conclusion is found.
  1. The tile adhesive is applied with a toothed spatula and the distances between the tiles with tile crosses are standardized.
  2. After the tile adhesive has dried, the tiles must also be grouted.
  3. The grout is not the same everywhere. The expansion joints are sealed with a special sealant, which can also absorb the movements of the soil.
  4. The remainder of the surface is sealed with grout. This works very well with a rubber spatula and a sponge.

Tip from the editor
  • If the stripes on the walls become too narrow, just make a tile smaller at a certain distance from the wall. It should be noted here that an existing tile pattern is adhered to.

Video Board: Underfloor heating insulation over slab installation by Continental Underfloor.

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