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grave arrangement

As a last greeting and a sign of mourning mourning arrangements are essential. Decorated with spells, they have a deeper meaning and can convey to the hired man, how much the deceased is appreciated. However, finding the right spell or quote is often difficult. Friendship or love, familiar or respectful - the tone must be right. In addition, the spells on wreath or mourning bow should be personal and, at best, show that they were chosen individually. The following suggestions can help.
selection criteria
The most important factor in the selection of the sentence for the bereavement is the relationship to the deceased. Longtime friends may formulate something more personal and familiar than, for example, the teammates from the sports team or neighbors.
Zudems should be learned whether a religious appeal is appropriate. Anyone who decides on a pronounced atheist for an angelic theme or references to the sky, unfortunately only shows that the deceased was hardly known. In the worst case, the relatives can be annoyed with this. If there is uncertainty in the religious question, it is better to use neutral wording on the wreath.
Remains the question of the size and design of the funeral arrangement and the loop. The farther the distance to the dead, the smaller and more discreet the wreath should be. Otherwise, the last greetings of the family and confidants could be overshadowed. If in doubt, caution should be requested in advance. It is less noticeable when asked instead of directly according to the size of the florist used - this can then better coordinate the Kranzgrößen.
Religious sayings for the bereavement arrangement

Grave arrangement for the autumn

With a religious affiliation of the deceased, this may also be found in the funeral sayings. Are suitable:
  • God's hand in God's hand
  • In the sky we meet again
  • Believing in a goodbye
  • Hoping for Christ
  • You are only going ahead
  • May angels accompany you
  • God needed an angel
  • God bless you
  • God is with you
  • God gives you wings
Quotes with religious appeal or verses beloved of mourners may also be used as sayings for the funeral arrangement. They give the loop a personal appeal and can give comfort in memory of the deceased.
life partner
If a life partner goes, the grievances may be formulated as a first message and be very personal. Possible formulations are:
  • Thank you for your love
  • I carry you with me forever
  • I love you
  • I'll miss you
  • I'll never forget you
  • Love is stronger than death
  • In gratitude and love
  • Love knows no boundaries
  • Until we meet again
  • In love and deep pain
  • We had each other, only that matters
  • See you soon, my dear
  • My heart goes with you, your heart stays with me
If family members are to be mourned, that's a big blow for everyone. As a last greeting and commemoration then a spell should be found, which combines both the grief of each individual as well as a personal touch in itself.
  • You remain in our hearts
  • Father / mother love never dies
  • In your children you live on
  • We will never forget you
  • Beloved Father / Beloved Mother, you will never be forgotten
  • You live in us
  • Watch over your loved ones
  • In our love you will never forget
  • Forever in our hearts
  • We cry for you, dear mother / father
  • We will never forget what we have about you
  • Wait for us on the horizon
If a friend dies, the grief is great. Loved and familiar with Plato, the sayings on the bereavement can express the bondage. Nevertheless, consideration should be taken to the family.
  • Never forget as a friend
  • Friends in life, friends in death
  • Rest gently, my dear friend
  • Friendship lasts forever
  • Good journey, my friend
  • Bonded for eternity
  • I'll miss you
  • Thank you for your friendship
  • Greetings one last time, my friend
  • In grateful memory of a good friend


Colleagues definitely have a special status. Everyday collaboration is a combination of small businesses, friendships develop, worries and problems are shared, and together many things are created.
If there was a connection outside the work, this may be expressed. Otherwise, the last greeting in the form of the mourning sentence should be limited to the collegial connection.
  • In collegial connection
  • In quiet sadness and deep sympathy
  • In remembrance
  • In honorable memory
  • A last collegial greeting
  • We say goodbye
  • Sincere sympathy
  • In deep sadness
  • A dear and faithful colleague for the last greeting
  • In memory of a dear colleague
In the same sports club, as long-time neighbors or shared hobbies may make the deceased not the best friend but still a person who will be missed. In order to make the sayings a little more personal, a commonality or notable trait should be used, if possible. This can be the love of animals, which saved the lives of many four-legged friends. The helpfulness, which left the mourners at any time with words and deeds. The passion for hiking, music or seafaring.
  • Thank you
  • Thank you for giving it to you
  • In gratitude
  • In deep dismay
  • In bondage
  • One last Ahoy
  • In honorable memory
  • Last chord
  • An unspeakable loss to the world
  • Your tracks do not pass
  • A heart that beat for others
  • A last greeting for a dear neighbor
Neutral formulations
Neutral phrases for funeral ornaments are always appropriate when a deep, friendly or overly personal relationship is lacking - but one last greeting should nevertheless be provided. Even those who are uncertain about the religious affiliation of the person to be mourned, can fall back on it.
  • Sincere sympathy
  • One last goodbye
  • One last greeting
  • farewell
  • In memory
  • In silent mourning
  • Rest softly / in peace
  • unforgettable
  • On Farewell
  • For eternal rest
Special grievances


In the case of protracted illness, accidents or very young deceased special mourning is advised. These should reflect or at least indicate what has happened.
  • A life ended before it started
  • Finally in peace
  • One last greeting for a brave fighter
  • A little angel
  • Salvation is grace
  • You went too early
  • Redemption for you, unspeakable pain for us
  • Unbelievable for us
  • Silently, in deep sadness
  • You went too suddenly
  • Brave, loyal, unforgotten
  • Torn from us but never forgotten
Design of the wreath bow
It is usual that the slogan is printed on the left corner of the funeral. The name of the deceased on the right. For longer spells, however, can also renounced the name and both tape lengths are used for greeting. In order to find a symmetrical and suitable honor, it is advisable to inquire in advance with the respective florist, how many characters are ideal for the selected wreath size. He can also make suggestions on the latest greetings and make the selection easier. However, it should also be noted that the formulations are adapted to the person and the relationship to this person.
If the words are longer and the garland should not be too big, adjusting the font and size can be the solution. It is advisable, then, to preview a test print in advance so that you do not experience any nasty surprises.
Tip: As a guide, ask the florist for samples of the selected colors and fonts. Whether the compilation is legible and meets the requirements can be found out the best way. However, sufficient time should be allowed for this and for any corrections.
Finding the right grief for the wreath bow is not easy, but with a personal touch can certainly comfort and awaken beautiful memories of the deceased. Be aware that both the person to be mourned and respect for the relatives is taken, the spell is a last greeting and a loving honor.

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