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winter protection

Gämswurz is frost resistant and does not need winter protection. The plant should only be protected from winter wetness.

care Tips

The nursing effort is very low in the undemanding Gämswurz. It prefers calcareous, loamy and not too nutritious soils. A half-shady to sunny place offers the Gämswurz almost ideal conditions for a vigorous prosperity. Waterlogging should be avoided, otherwise the fleshy roots will suffer. The soil should not dry out in the summer. The distance between the individual plants should be about 30 to 40 centimeters. The Gämswurz is very cut friendly. A regular pruning of blooms leads to a longer flowering period in the garden. In spring, the gum root is supplied with an organic-mineral fertilizer or works around the perennial ripe compost.

Gum root (Doronicum orientale)

The Gämswurz (Doronicum orientale) brings in April and May golden yellow daisy blossoms and an excellent cut flower


The best way to increase the Gämswurz by division. In the fall, dig up the shrubs, divide and plant the individual sections again at the desired new location.

Diseases and pests

For the Gämswurz diseases and pests are hardly of importance. She is undemanding and easy to care for. Heavy soils and waterlogging can lead to root rot. Occasionally, powdery mildew occurs. Also snail eating can be a problem.

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