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The prices for gabions depend on the material of the baskets and the stuffing. Of course, the size and also the security class is important. Basically, it has to be said that it is worth comparing the prices. Same or similar objects are offered at very different prices. Not to lose sight of the delivery costs. They can not be insignificant depending on size and quantity.
The cheapest filling material always comes from the region. The building materials dealers in the area know the various offers and can give good advice. They also often make good prices. To hedge you can ask different providers. Of course you can also collect yourself.
The baskets are mainly about the size and the material used. Of course, wire mesh is cheaper than stainless steel. For private use gabions with a width of 50 cm are usually sufficient. These can be 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 cm long, as needed. The mesh size is 10 x 10 cm by default. But there are other distances.
The cheapest baskets are available from 15 euros. These are 50 x 50 x 50 cm in size. The thicker the wires are, the more expensive the baskets are. A millimeter difference in wire thickness is about 5 euros for this small basket. But you also get more security. The prices increase with the basket size. For a basket 300 x 100 x 100 you have to rake with 120 euros. Stuffed gabions cost significantly more. If you do not need many baskets, it's often better to fill them yourself. You can either collect the stones yourself or buy them from a local dealer. It is important that the stones are frost-proof, otherwise the filling will crumble over time.
You can save on gabions, which are not visible from all sides. The invisible areas can be filled with cheap coarse gravel or recycled products.
What about the security class of gabions?
WIf you want to use the gabions to put a support structure in front of a slope, it gets complicated. Constructions of this kind can not only be considered as such so-called lining walls (as support walls are called, with which one disguises very steep slopes in the lower area), also a noise barrier usually requires an interesting statically from the height. The size, strength and arrangement of the stacked individual elements then requires a special static calculation, which must be performed due to the requirements of various DIN standards. For example, the external and internal stability must be ensured, the sliding safety, and if the terrain has a slope, a certain inclination must be defined before stacking the elements. These were just examples of what counts in the calculations, if you are not a specialist, so you will have to apply for such a project already anyway a structural engineer who then also provides information on the correct safety class of the gabions.
Gabions for every price and for every garden design idea
If you want to stack the baskets in the framework of your garden design for rather low overall heights, you generally do not need to pay attention to any safety class. The lower the gabion arrangement should be, the gentler the material of the gabions may be, so the cheaper you can buy. If you're just stacking a small pillar out of two stone-filled baskets and putting a flowerpot on top of it, you could actually buy any cube-shaped or cuboid steel basket that the dealer assures you he can stand a stone fill without "To do the stalemate". Such wire baskets are, for. As a stacking baskets for bearings, in sizes of 50 x 50 x 50 or 60 cm from just over 10, - ÔéČ and in stable design from just over 25, - ÔéČ offered, and the wire thickness does not seem too much of that of the gabions differ. For just over 10, - ÔéČ you get in the field of Gabion dealer at most a mini gabion, which has about the volume of a six-pack.
At the gabion dealers, you get gabions for every design request and every design idea: the gabions, which become a garden bench with a board over them (100 x 30 cm, 46 cm high, 87, - ÔéČ), gabions, which turn into stone pillars or tank columns (20 x 20 cm, 1.75 m high, 75, - ÔéČ), gabion water dispensers (19 x 19 cm, 90.5 cm high, 158, - ÔéČ) and one prefabricated gabion wire form, which turns into a herbal spiral with filling (about 1.5 x 2 m, 80 cm high). The examples can be found on the pages, and
If you have found the right gabions for your purposes, the gabion filling will decide on the total price.Again, you can spend your money not only on a variety of fillers, but also for exceptional materials such as glass stones as gabion filler.

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