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During the growth phase, you should mow this lawn once a week to a length of about 3.5 - 4 cm, later it is depending on soil type and fertilizer type two to three times a year sufficient.
The play and sports lawn is a lawn for use, which is ideal for well-maintained green areas in home gardens, in dry conditions it should be watered extensively.
The playing lawn is a kind of hard-working lawn that can withstand extreme stress in the yard and garden, in parks and playgrounds. It can also be used for forage production and for grazing land.
If you want to lay the lawn for play fresh, then you should prepare the soil properly, because only a loose earth surface favors the correct rising of the seed. At the same time, however, you should also take care that the surface of the earth is not too loose, in order to avoid a subsequent setting of the soil.
On small areas one crushes the clods with the rake, for larger areas the use of a bottom roll is recommended. Then you should roughen the earth with a rake. About a week before sowing you should make a basic fertilizer.
Then follow the sowing instructions on the packaging to accurately determine the required density of the lawn. If you would like to use your lawn to feed you, you can add different herbs to the grass seed, this type of mixing sets, for example, even for front gardens an idiosyncratic, but attractive accent.
To make sure you enjoy your lawn for a long time, you should air it in early autumn. Grupper or grave fork are available for this, you can also use a scarifier.
The right seed makes the playing lawn
If possible, you should not just go and buy a pack that has lawns for playing - you could of course do that, but then you would not necessarily be happy with the turf sprouting out of it. Because on the pack, a dealer can write what he wants, and a good hard-wearing Spielrasen arises only from the right mix of lawn seeds.
The following lawn seeds belong in a good playing lawn:

  • A large proportion of different Fescue species, Festuca ssp., Should definitely be present, its slightly finer stalks simply make for a beautiful dense lawn. This proportion could account for 40 percent.
  • Lolium perenne, the perennial ryegrass, should make up about the next third, this sturdy grass ensures that your playing lawn withstand every rush of children. If the lawn suffers a few injuries, the ryegrass is the first grass to regenerate completely, which allows the other grasses to rest in peace. It also looks a bit sturdy with its rather rough stalks.
  • Therefore, the last third of the game lawn mix should be off Poa pratensis meadow grass, which, with its somewhat finer stalks and its very dense growth, corrects this image again, the meadowstalk is also hard-wearing.
The seed mixture for play lawns proposed by the Bundessortenamt mixes different types of Festuca, the very friable Festuca nigrescens (Horst-Rot-Schwingel), the moisture-tolerant Festuca trichophylla (hairy red fescue) and the indestructible Festuca rubra (ordinary red fescue). Each variety brings its benefits and ideally corrects even a disadvantage of another variety, with a so deliberate mixed lawn you should have little problems. This Rule Seed Blend is number 2.3, and this grassland game turf is described as a standard house turf that lends itself both as a play lawn and lawn for a lawn.
Lawn seeds - thinking about shopping is worthwhile
The information that has just been communicated sounds like a bit of a hassle when it comes to buying the lawn name, and so it would be if you had to put together that mix of grass seed yourself. However, this is not necessary, you only need to shop at a retailer who knows about lawn soda and keep hands off colorful packs of meaningless labels. That's why you will not pay more, rather less, and after this deliberate purchase, you can be sure that your playing lawn really lives up to the demands placed on it.
These demands are in fact not to be underestimated at the playing lawn: While the ornamental lawn must look just beautiful, the Spielrasen is a commodity in everyday life, which is to endure without any action a horde of fumbling children and maybe a few pets, but always please nice to look, and the whole please also with very little care.Do not you think that the individual grasses for such a miracle of growth and resistance should be carefully put together?

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