Playhouse for children in the garden

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Playhouse for children in the garden: garden

Well, the biggest difference is certainly in the material reasoned, in addition and that is certainly for many people a crucial issue, the plastic playhouse is ready to buy from the bar, the playhouse made of wood not. Sure, there are a lot of versions of a plastic playhouse on the market. Be it the size, the comfort, the workmanship, the fun or even the price. Imme however the structure is simple. In the reboiler you need neither a foundation nor other special construction aids. If you stick to the construction plan faithfully, the playhouse is also built up in an afternoon and invites the children to play in a colorful way.

Playhouse in the garden

- The weather can stay outside-
With a wooden house, on the other hand, you have more options, be it the design or your own creativity. In wooden playhouse can of course also be purchased in the kit, but then the material offers additional mounting options that arise from the needs of children or their own imagination. A small slide, a small projection, a terrace, window boxes on the windows, a flap to make it a merchant's shop, and so on.
Of course you can let your imagination run wild in a wooden playhouse and construct the whole house yourself. Construction plans for this you will surely find, in a small search query to Hauff in the net. Basically, however, that a playhouse made of wood, in contrast to a playhouse made of plastic always needs a small base plate. It is also favorable to dig out a few centimeters of the soil around this base plate and to use gravel as drainage. This ensures a quick infiltration of rainwater around the wooden playhouse and already the material, prevents puddling.
If you think about the further construction of a wooden house, then you are quite fast in a log cabin and find that such a small ügerlegerü in principle have the same standards as the big brothers of a playhouse made of wood. Pressure impregnated wood and wood stain, which simultaneously protects against rot, is the A and the O in this project.
If you want to be on the safe side, first of all paint all components well, because once the wood has been built you can not protect the gaps with paint. Always remember that compared to a playhouse made of plastic that can safely overwinter in the garage or basement, the playhouse stands outside and must defy the forces of nature. That is why a good and well-crafted preparatory work is a good project and always worth its euro. The stability of the playhouse is decided upon when the base plate is placed on the foundation.
If you work correctly here, then the further construction is not the problem. After the floor slab come the side walls and then the roof. However, one should always pay attention here that the roofing plates survive a bit, so that the rainwater can drain well. A larger projection in front of the entrance area, the front door, also ensures a certain protection against moisture, but in principle it must be ensured that the rain can not stand on the door. Remember, for example, when setting up the direction and plan on this basis, the entrance of the playhouse. The weather side is certainly not advisable.

Build playhouse

You should also pay attention to a good protection of the roof. Roofing felt, shingles are always well-designed protective measures, in addition, they also look good. They are placed one above the other, so that the rain has no chance to enter the playhouse.
Furthermore, you should now consider that the playhouse made of wood requires regular care. Just like a wooden lattice fence or wooden window frames. Every year a coat of paint will surely thank you with impeccable condition and longer life. If the playhouse is well frequented, you should also regularly, but always in the spring and autumn after accidents and rotting look. This not only protects the playhouse, but also the children's health, be it a playhouse made of wood or one made of plastic.

Playhouse in the garden

To conclude, although you have less work in a play house made of plastic, but are quite closely tied to the ideas of the manufacturer in question. With a playhouse made of wood, you have more work and higher follow-up costs, but you can realize your own dreams and ideas and customize the house individually to the needs and desires of your children, and of course to yours.
by Gabriele Sinzig-Freese

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